When ArtChix Magazine chose its ‘Person of the Year for 2009, President Barack Obama was the clear favorite. For reasons that were anything but political, we chose President Obama for meeting the criteria we set in a profound way.

This year our readers helped us narrow down the list like they did last year. But this year it wasn’t a politician or a Hollywood member of the glitterati that came out ahead.

Our 2010 ArtChix Magazine ‘Person of the Year’ beat out two big names on our list. George Clooney and Angelina Jolie represented Hollywood and despite their contributions in other areas, our readers wanted what they called ‘a real American’ who was ‘a real influence’. It was funny that our readers looked outside of Hollywood or Washington to find those qualities (laughing) and, as they say, the rest is history.


Our 2010 PERSON OF THE YEAR is Ralph D. Thomas!

Thomas (left) with wife Barbara & Donny Osmond

Ralph D. Thomas has been described as a renaissance man. He is the author of over thirty books, an entrepreneur who founded a wide range of businesses and a spymaster in the truest sense of the title.

He has been adopted by an  new generation of private spies who look to him for guidance, leadership and encouragement.

Thomas is the founder and Director of the National Association of Investigative Specialists and has formed one of the most influential and effective trade associations in his industry.

He has also graced the cover of ArtChix Magazine a variety of times, and has been rated among one of the most frequent favorites of our readers. His historical essays, articles and interviews with ArtChix has  won the hearts and minds of our readers, crossing generational divides and professions.

Thomas (center) with Spy Chic Girls Blakely and Stephanie

Ralph D. Thomas loves his toys. For a member of his generation he is enthused about the technological revolution and recently launched NAIStv, which provides 24 hour programming, seven days a week on investigative, espionage, law enforcement and historical topics. As the viewership grows so grows the Thomas vision. He is planning a wide slate of new NAIStv stars, picking the best of the best from the industry.

After narrowing our ‘Person of the Year’ candidates list, Ralph Thomas stood out on every vote. We selected our candidates based upon influence, innovation, leadership, the respect of people and their uniqueness.

For some Ralph Thomas articles from the archives visit:




-Feature by Dallas Bianchi, Editor, ArtChix Magazine


About securityteknews
Ralph Thomas is author of over 32 books on various aspects of conducting investigations, founder and director of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists,CEO of Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc, The Spy Exchange And Security Center and SpyTek Wholesale Imports. Thomas is a member of the Executive Security Council of Griffith Colson Intelligence Service, a private intelligence agency. Thomas's latest project is NAIStv on the Griffith Media TV Network. He has also developed A Native American Store in Georgetown Texas called Tribal Impressions. You can review his person home page off of:

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