Sexy Decoy’s…
The ONLY Training Manual on How to Perform Professional Undercover Sexy Decoy Investigations!
by Rob Pac, Anna Pac

Domestic Investigations have changed and the way people cheat has changed! Here are five important facts for private investigative agencies. A) Conducting domestic cheating investigations has changed. B) Sex decoy undercover operations is booming! C) Sex decoy undercover operations is now a trend. C) The way people cheat or start intentions of cheating has changed. D) Social networking such as Facebook and various forms of email and chat is the new way cheating starts. While the conventional method of catching a cheater was the ability to conduct a surveillance, this method is sort of hit or miss and a lot can go wrong. Sex decoy undercover operations are often easier, less time consuming to conduct and you get the results almost every time.

For years, Professional Sexy Decoy Investigations have been a lucrative service for a select few investigative agencies. Until now the tricks and techniques on how to conduct these Investigations have been a secret. This ONE OF A KIND manual was designed to provide training to Investigator’s and aspiring decoys interested in this exciting and controversial type of Undercover Investigation. This manual is your guide to expert techniques for conducting a Professional Sexy Decoy Investigation.

Topics covered:

• What is a Sexy Decoy Investigation?
• Safety and Security
• Types of Decoys
• Decoy Investigations to Avoid!
• Are Decoy Operations Entrapment?
• Types of Covert Video Equipment
• Who Can Legally Perform Decoy Operations
• Covert Video Recording Laws & Expectations of Privacy
• Increase Your Odds of Getting Hired
• Video Transferring & Editing
• Reports, Forms, Checklists & Contracts
• Wiretapping Laws & Voice Mail
• And Much More!

Chapters And Table Of Contents:

• Chapter One: Decoy Investigations
• Chapter Two: So You Want To Be A Decoy
• Chapter Three: Covert Video
• Chapter Four: Social Networking & Decoys
• Chapter Five: Email
• Chapter Six: PrePaid Cell Phones
• Chapter Seven: Dealing With Clients
• Chapter Eight: Pre-OperationaL Planning
• Chapter Nine: Legal Issues & Decoy Operations
• Chapter Ten: The Operation
• Chapter Eleven: Safely Extracting from The Operation
• Chapter Twelve: After The Op
• Chapter Thirteen: The UpSell
• Chapter Fourteen: Marketing
• Chapter Fifteen: Dealing With The Media
• Chapter Sixteen: State Licensing Offices
• Chapter Seventeen: State Associations
• Chapter Eighteen: Contracts And Forms

Step by step techniques are covered in this excellent manual on how to set up a Sex Decoy operation service, market and conduct the field undercover assignments ands avoid the pitfalls that come with this new investigative specialization that is booming. The forms alone are well worth the price of this amazing manual so order your copy now. You will be very glad you did. Business is booming for those investigative agencies offering the right kind of service and Sex Decoy operations are now booming!

About the authors:
Husband & Wife, Rob & Anna Pac are the Countries preeminent Private Investigator’s when it comes to running Professional Undercover Sexy Decoy Investigations. InterTrace Investigations Group is a family run, High-Tech, Massachusetts based licensed Investigations Agency that specializes in Difficult and Unique, Surveillance and Undercover Investigations. Rob, Anna, Scott and Kate “The Chameleon” Pac are the most experienced Investigators in the field of Undercover Decoy Investigations. Together they have performed Undercover Decoy Operations for the Entertainment Industry, Corporations and the Public since 2001.

Sexy Decoy’s is a complete start-up and operations manual that hands you the secrets in both techniques and marketing that gives you the ability to start this new form of private investigative service and catch cheaters every time. Private Investigation in the domestic area has changed so make sure you change with it by obtaining this powerful information on this new investigative trend now.


About securityteknews
Ralph Thomas is author of over 32 books on various aspects of conducting investigations, founder and director of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists,CEO of Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc, The Spy Exchange And Security Center and SpyTek Wholesale Imports. Thomas is a member of the Executive Security Council of Griffith Colson Intelligence Service, a private intelligence agency. Thomas's latest project is NAIStv on the Griffith Media TV Network. He has also developed A Native American Store in Georgetown Texas called Tribal Impressions. You can review his person home page off of:

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