NAIS EXPANDS BENEFITS Huge members only web site adds massive collections for members


NAIS Benefits

NAIS Benefits

“Ask Almost ANY NAIS member or click on the audio buttons below on the left and obtain actual example after example of how being a member of NAIS has given professional investigators like yourself more case assignments, more resources, more benefits and more advantages than anything else they have tried! While other professional service organizations come and go, change hands and change names, break-up and splinter, NAIS remains the same today as it was 34 years ago accept it keeps adding more and more benefits to help it’s members which is it’s primary focus.”


“The PI Profession needs more of this kind of stuff!” John F. Syphri

Giving You And Your Agency The Online Networking, Exposure And Power You Need Now!

NAIS LinkedIn NAIS is LinkedIn! Are you? LinkedIn is a powerful social networking media for professionals where professional business people find other professional business people. By joining NAIS, you can create a LinkedIn page and link it to the NAIS LinkedIn directory. If you already have a LinkedIn page, you just go to the National Association Of Investigative Specialists LinkedIn page and link yourself in. You then show up in the NAIS LinkedIn directory. Aside from the fact that other LinkedIn professionals look for other LinkedIn professionals inside LinkedIn (which converts to case assignments!), every link you make to your web site adds more power and position to your search engine ranking! NAIS members have a habit of better positioning because of all the different links they obtain!
Yahoo eGroups Massive Yahoo eGroups! NAIS sponsors massive industry Yahoo eGroups you can join. Quietly, NAIS has been building eGroups for almost 20 years. These eGroups have over 60,000 industry members on them. Some of them are NAIS members only groups and some of them opened to other industry professionals on specific specializations. You gain instant Networking ability to over 60,000 professionals. These are very powerful marketing and networking tools for you. Some of these eGroups are public and some of them private. Some are NAIS members only groups. There is a reason for this. The public groups can be spidered by search engines and show up on them. This gives you more links back to your web site when you post something and improves your search engine ranking and exposure.
NAIS On Facebook NAIS maintains a huge Facebook presence and if you have a Facebook page, you will want to link into the NAIS Facebook pages to help build your own Network and marketing through the private investigative and investigative client community online. If you do not yet have a Facebook page, it’s free to start one and highly recommended. Facebook is the largest network in the world and gives you massive exposure. By maintaining a Facebook page and linking into the NAIS Facebook pages, you can increase your exposure. networking ability and online marketing ability for your agency. Again, Facebook is search engine indexed and your presence on Facebook adds more search engine exposure to your private investigative practice.
NAIS PEN PEN which is the Private Eye Network is an online members only place that is massive with Networking, Forums, Resource Centers for investigators, training videos, articles, industry links, The NAIS members only newsletter, other news feeds, podcast links, and a huge and powerful center for members of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists. PEN has become the Hub of NAIS activity. It is both a social media site for NAIS members and a massive resource center for them. Many NAIS members spend hours a week inside in training, chat, networking, blog marketing to other NAIS members and join forums inside the network with other NAIS members. Inside PEN, you set up your own page which can be accessed by other NAIS members and put whatever you want on it. It’s really easy and simple to use but very powerful PI tool.
NAIS Case Assignments PI Case Assignments! Need more cases and more clients? By joining NAIS, you can access case assignment posts inside PEN and also have access to egroups that have case assignment posts from around the country you can check every day to see if there are case assignments to grab in your area. By networking with other NAIS members and by using the power marketing tools within the NAIS network, you will get more cases and more clients. Ask any NAIS member and they will tell you that they obtain more cases and more clients through the NAIS network!

Bringing You The Very Best In Links And Resources To Searching In The Internet

Public Records Access State And Local Public Records Access Links: Free Searches On The Internet: For over 20 years NAIS has kept track of the links to free public records searches on the internet. Inside PEN, you will find very good access to the updated links to county public records, state public records and federal public records all in one place and through several different sources. Although these massive search tools are open records to just about anyone, they tend to be hard to locate through search engines and many information brokers charge for them when they should be free. Sorting all this out can be very time consuming. As an NAIS member, all you have to do is log into PEN and access these sections.
Unique People Searches Aside from the easy location and direct access to federal, state and local public records, through our networking with over 60,000 other professional investigators we have compiled a list of what we call Unique People Searches. We have done the hours of research for you and filtered out the BS to bring you the top and the very best free people searches on the Internet you can use any time you want to. You may already know about some of them and some of them you may not have even heard of but these searches are great tools you will use again and again.

Delivering To You Cutting Edge Resources, Massive Training And Investigative Trends!

NAIS Resource Centers NAIS Resource Centers & Training: Inside PEN (the NAIS members only web site) you will find resource centers that feature on demand video training, podcasts, articles, links and aids and these centers are extensive. There are centers on Skip Trace , Surveillance, Criminal Investigations, Bodyguarding & Executive Protection, Countermeasures, Process Serving, Marketing Training For Investigators, Piracy & Counterfeit Brand, AOE/COE Training, Nursing Home Abuse, Accident Investigations, Bail Enforcement, Auto Repossession, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics , Steganography Training, Pre-Employment Investigations, background Investigations, Domestic Investigation, Interviewing And Deception Detection, Computer Security Training, Forensic Document Examination The Forensic Topics Resources , Investigative Trends and more.
NAIS Investigative Trends NAIS Investigative Trend Watcher: Through the monitoring of thousands of news media sources, NAIS has for many decades spotted major tends in the the investigative industry and reported that to NAIS members! The innovation continues in this area with a new section inside PEN which presents new trends we have spotted in the form of articles, links, videos and multi-media presentations. This valuable resource helps you in your investigative profession by getting a jump of what is new and what is up and coming when it comes to the types of services to offer in the private investigative industry. There has been hundreds of NAIS members over the years who have taken advantage of these trends and made a lot of money and we think it’s time you did the same thing by joining NAIS now!
NAIS PodCast Channel The NAIS PodCast Channel: Besides special NAIStv which brings you hours of online TV with a huge assortment of investigative topics, PEN (The NAIS members web site) maintains a PodCast channel featuring the very best in online radio shows for investigative and security professionals. Radio is almost all now online and internet driven. While these podcasts are public, most investigators miss the good ones so NAIS is always featuring new PodCasts on the front page of the NAIS members web site. Aside from regular weekly and monthly shows, NAIS also features podcast interviews of NAIS members so if you are on one, be sure to let us know so we can feature it for other NAIS members.
NAIS Articles NAIS Articles Archives: For 30 years NAIS has compiled outstanding articles from other private investigators which gives you a great advantage when it comes to knowledge and know-how. Articles can be found under the NAIS members Resource Centers and also accessed as a seperate index inside PEN. You will find these articles extensive and highly useful for yourself or to use to training and help your staff investigators.
Free eBook Downloads NAIS Free eBooks And Online Books: Inside Pen, you will find a section of free eBook downloads that we have found to be very good over the years. Some of these ebooks are downloadables right to your computer so you have have instant access to them right now and a few of them are online books you can read online. This list is growing and we urge you to join NAIS now to obtain access to these valuable online tools! One NAIS member recently commented that one eBook he used was worth more than the cost of joining NAIS for two years!

Cutting-Edge Online Investigative News And Entertainment You Will Love!

NAIStv NAIStv is one of the newest developments within NAIS projects and is innovative. We see a trend in which TV is merging with the Internet and in the near future the TV you watch in your home or office will be Internet driven. NAIS is forging ahead with the project with it’s channel we call NAIStv which has some programming now and has the ability to do live streaming. We plan on using this to bring live or almost live coverage of investigative conferences and other programming. Aside from the NAIStv channel, we also provide links to other channels and other networks that are online now so you can watch Tv online through filtered links and resources.
Classicpitv Online Entertainment Because TV Is Now Online: Links To ClassicPITV Shows And Other Investigative & Security Related TV Shows: Inside PEN, NAIS has compiled links to Classic PI TV shows you love such as The Rockford Files, Charlie’s Angles, Magnum P.I., Dragnet, She Spies, Simon & Simon and many more. There is also links to current online TV shows all designed for the professional investigator on shows we know you like. Although the majority of these TV shows are public access, we have organized them in easy to find links such as ClassicTV, Current TV, News, Movies and more. You will be able to quickly access hours and hours of the TV shows you like to watch all in one place.
Massive Investigative Daily News Feeds: The NAIS news feeds section are found inside PEN, the NAIS members advanced web site and network. Trying to keep up with investigative news these days can be overwhelming and time consuming. We have solved all that by filtering the news for you from a huge selection of sources so you get the new you want when you want it. Besides PI Bytes, you will find investigative news feeds in the form of digital print news from a selection of top sources as well as links to TV news that deal with investigation all in one place. Some of these news feeds provide you news on the hour every hour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 356 days a year.

NAIS resource Centers

Some Of The Resource Centers Now Opened Inside PEN. Each one has on demand training videos, articles, links, aids, podcasts and more for each investigative topic!

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