BREAKING NEWS! Stick-it Covert Video Cameras Premier At ASIS show

Austin, Tx: Cody Woods and LawMate America announced today that one of six new products that will be premiered at the ASIS show in Orlando, Florida will be a new concept in covert video cameras called Stick-Its. While these are still in very limited production at the current time, these will be the first units that will be for sale to professionals at the ASIS conference. This new type of high end covert video camera with built in DVR is a new concept and it’s believed to be the next big thing in stationary covert video. None working prototypes of these cutting-edge covert video products had been displayed at the April ISC conference in Vegas this year but there are now some working models.  LawMate is also introducing five other new products at this show but the owner of LawMate International, Sabar Yang and it’s agent for North America, LawMate America and Cody Woods are keeping things under rapes right now until the show starts.

Here is a description and graphics:

Covert Video Evolution Stick-It From LawMate
LawMate Stick-it Covert Video System On/Off Switch
LawMate Stick-it Covert Video System Electrical Outlet

The amazing and engenius Covert Video Stick-Its invented by LawMate contains a complete covert video system built into an On/Off Switch and/or an electrical power outlet. With LawMate Stick-it tape, you can now set up and place covert video on walls anywhere in 30 seconds of less. This is innovative stationary covert video at it’s best! Great for any room in a house, an office, a hotel room, a meeting room, a garage or workshop, a retail store or anywhere there is a wall! You can now Stick-it and have covert video any time you want it in a matter of a few seconds. Each Stick-it system contains a LawMate grade covert video camera, LawMate grade built in DVR and LawMate grade motion sensor built right into the unit. With motion activation and time and date stamping, covert video operations are now very simple, very easy and very fast! You will obtain your covert video evidence every time. Your covert video Stick-It records to a micro SD card hidden inside the unit. Cover plates can be removed quickly and easily to access the Micro SC Card. Simply remove the card every day or so to review the covert video evidence and place a new card in it’s place to continue your covert video operations.

Click Here For More Information On Stick-Its
Click Here for More Information On LawMate America

Click Here for Information On Attending The ASIS Conference

Here is a photo with the genuis behind LawMate grade products, Sabar Yang; from last year with the new generation LawMate Eyeglass Covert Video camera was released.

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