Get Ready For Polygraph Testing To Invade The Workplace?





Business Insider Reporting
Most managers wouldn’t dream of hooking up a colleague, subordinate, or business partner to a lie detector. Check references? Sure. Google or Bing them? Of course. Procure FICOs and/or their D&Bs? Perhaps. But deploying tools and technologies explicitly designed to test their veracity? That seems a bit much.

It’s not. In truth, “virtual polygraphy” is becoming a “new normal” in combating workplace dishonesty and deception. Bernie Madoff’s disgrace and the ongoing housing crises exacerbated by “liar’s loans” and “robo-signings” have created a business environment where the focus on integrity isn’t just financial. Auditing spreadsheets is good; the ability to audit character and commitment is even better. “Trust but verify” has migrated from diplomatic cliché to workplace imperative. More people are going to be more honest … or else.

As a previous post observed, plagiarism detection software used by colleges is already infiltrating the enterprise. The rise of LinkedIn and other professional social networks increases risks for job candidates tempted to puff up their resumes and CVs. Employees with white collars and blue are subjected to greater workplace surveillance. The App and Android stores now offer — for entertainment purposes only, of course — real-time “voice stress analyzers” offering insight into whether the person you’re talking with is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. New technology facilitates greater transparency.

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