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Private Investigator LouisianaScott Frank Investigations, a Louisiana private investigator/detective agency is based in Lafayette, Louisiana with experience in surveillance and holds aPrivate Investigators Agency License issued by theLouisiana State Board of Private Investigation Examiners.

Scott has written and passed legislature on Visitation Interference, and is a specialist regarding Louisiana Family Law Investigations. This experience has provided him with unique opportunities to utilize this experience in many sectors of the family law arena in both Louisiana and Mississippi.

Scott has three children and is a custodial father of his two sons from his first marriage. In doing so, Scott Frank overcame the heightened Bergeron Rule that the Louisiana Supreme Court set forth, in his personal case, which alone is almost a rare task to accomplish.  Learn how Scott Frank utilized private investigators in his own child custody and helped determine the outcome of his personal case.

Scott is the President of Louisiana Coalition for Families and Children and a member of Association of Christian Investigators, Louisiana State Board of Private Investigators, NAPPS, ServeNow and has been interviewed by television news reporters regarding being recognized as The Child’s Advocate.

Scott Frank also conducts investigations in all other major cities throughout the state of Louisiana such as New Orleans, Shreveport, Lake Charles, Alexandria and Baton Rouge.

Scott Frank Investigations specializes in Family Law Investigations, the areas of family law that Scott focuses on are Divorce, Infidelity, Adultery, Cheating Spouses, Wife and husband occasionally Scott gets called out to catch a boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on each other, of course there is no legal recourse of action if two people that are not married decide to have a relationship with another person other than the person they were committed to in Louisiana. Scott Frank understands the hurt and pain when it comes to a spouse or someone you care about ends up being unfaithful to you, read my case where my ex was unfaithful in having an affair as well. Another area of family law that we specialize in is in the child custody area! Our agency has proven child abuse, neglect at many of court hearings and has caused a switch in custody when proving such circumstances. Scott has a great deal of experience do to his personal experience and in his profession. To find out more about his personal experience go to the visitation interference page on our website and as well as read his personal case Frank vs. Frank as well. Adoption cases are another area of family law that we enjoy exploring as professionals, our firm loves hard locates when involving family members, there is nothing more enjoyable than to unite people with their love ones.

Our firm specializes in locating individuals that don’t want to be found. Our experienced investigators enjoy locating missing person, children, family members, loved ones, friends, insurance claimants, high school friends and assisting SIU department for insurance companies. We have the latest skip tracing techniques and tools in finding these people.

Process Serving is another area in the legal field that we help assist attorneys with. Our firm is a member of NAPPS, Serve Now, and other legal entities that do process service by serving papers such as petitions, judgments, citations, Rules, collection notices and other forms of legal documents to serve on individuals. We serve papers in the following parishes Lafayette, Vermillion, St. Landry, St. Martin, New Iberia, Evangeline, and Acadia. The costs for our services are $75 dollars inside of Lafayette Parish and $100 dollars outside of Lafayette Parish including notary.

Bug detection is an area of investigations work in which our company services as well. Our company has done numerous successful bug sweeps to locate eaves dropping devices on individuals at their home or at a business. We have experience and assisted in working for branches of the government of Louisiana. One of the more common detections most recently is GPS tracking detection. If you are worried that an employee or family member has an eaves dropping device or GPS tracking device in your home, business or vehicle please give us a call, we can help.

With a slowing down of the economy and unemployment rate over 10% insurance fraud and worker’s compensation fraud will become a more frequent issue. More people that feel they are getting ready to lose their job or maybe have lost their job will look for a way to obtain extra income. Insurance companies will see more claims regarding vehicle accidents and employers will see more workers compensation claims when workers feel there will be layoffs. It’s important for SIU and claims departments to have surveillance done on these individuals early on in the claim process to evaluate the extent of the claim that has been reported. We have assisted insurance companies in such investigative services. If you are a defense attorney that does insurance litigation or an insurance company looking for an experienced professional to help assist you with your claim or case give us a call, we can help.

Are you a single mom or dad bearing all the expense in taking care of your children without any help from the other parent? Or maybe you just can’t locate the other parent that is disregarding paying their obligation in paying child support! Our agency has helped many single parents obtain physical surveillance to see if a parent is working for cash money so they won’t have to report their income in order to pay more child support or pay it at all. We have also the skills and tools in order to find out a place of employment on a parent that is withholding their employer’s information.  Another form of investigative information that is useful to our client is asset information such as bank accounts and other forms of financial records that may help show the income of an individual. These types of asset research are very useful for child support and alimony purposes. Let use help you find that deadbeat parent that does not want to honor their obligation.

Background Information is essential when doing investigative work for all the above references. We do very thorough background checks on individuals such criminal and civil searches.  We also conduct DMV records searches as well as asset and financial records to help assist our clients. In today’s world, it’s very important to know everything you need to know about a person before you decide to get involved with them whether it is a personal or business relationship.

If you need information on your child custody case or your divorce issue on your spouse or ex-partner, our professional investigators, pi’s and private eye’s can help you gather evidence for your legal process.

Scott Frank Investigations will need to gather information if you want us to investigate a case.  Contact us for a free quote!

Our service is professional, thorough and reasonably priced. We are available 7 days a week for a free consultation.


Scott Frank Investigations is a member of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists. It’s the one trade association that pays to belong to instead of just costs. For information on NAIS, click here.

Scott Frank Investigations  has been picked as an outstanding NAIS member web site which belongs to a very select few! To see who else is an NAIS member outstanding web site, click here.

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