TRENDS! Spy Drones In The Private Sector -First Steps To Conducting And Video Recording Surveillance Without leaving your office! -By Ralph Thomas

These days just about every intelligence agency and police department is using drones to see where the human eye can not see.  Recently at a Blackhat conference, a couple of guys revealed a DIY Spy Drone the flies, sniffs Wi-Fi and Intercepts phone calls. In the last year or so, such technology has been coming down in price and it appears that they are now within reach for people in the private sector.  For example, if you click here, you can review a video of a German build Micro Drone. Not only that, click here and review a video of a hover drone. They appear here to stay and a new trend in the private sector.

Actually  this concept is really nothing new, only the technology that goes along with the idea to get high to take a photo and spy. I can recall the first wireless micro cameras I obtained (they have come a very long way since then) were designed for those hobbyists who fly remote control model airplanes. If fact, we obtained some demos of some  small remote control helicopters a few years ago that one could attach a camera to. The problem with them then is that they took a great deal of practice in order to move them in a way that they would not crash. Apparently, they have become much easier to operate these days. Not only that, the micro cameras are better and build in DVRs (tiny digital video recorders)  much smaller now so a whole camera or video system can be onboard them.

With the utilization of GPS car trackers and camera spy drones, you can now see the ability to both conduct a surveillance and video record the subject without leaving your office.  It’s on it’s  way as far as the technology is concerned!  Think about that.  You deploy a GPS car tracker and watch it on the computer screen. Once it starts moving, you get your camera spy drones ready to go. As soon as the vehicle stops, your spy drones are ready to take video footage of your subject all by remote control. Far fetched? I didn’t think so and most of the technology is already there.  In fact, all of the technology is already there, it just needs to be perfected a little more. If you haven’t noticed, technology is moving at lightening speed these days. What is cutting-edge right now, tends to be out of date in a year or so. So I am advising you that really soon, you are going to be seeing private sector investigation, intelligence and security agencies advertising that they have their own private eyes- in-the sky spies! It would be to your advantage to develop an interest in this technology and follow it. If you run out and buy stuff, be sure to check with the aviation authority as some of this stuff you have to have a license to operate.  The spy cameras and the DVRs are certainly now small enough. Real time GPS car trackers have been around for a while now. So what’s next? Is this next? Time will tell and we are sure that the utilization of such a process will be regulated and maybe even outlawed.

You can likely see into the future right now as you review this like I can. What does it mean? It could mean a few years from now private sector spies and private-eyes will all own tiny eyes in the sky that they control from well their smart phone. This type of product is already on the market.  There are of course privacy concerns with all this technology like there is with everything else.  The FTC has already gotten involved in a few cases when a publication used a drone to take photos. There are laws! Click here to watch the video on this.

For those of you who have not followed this technology, I can tell you that almost every law enforcement agency in the country is already using spy drones in some form or another. Getting high and seeing down is important for the safety of officers and spy drones can be used to track and find. (Click here to watch a video of the spy drone of the Miami Dade Police Department) As you know, what the military and law enforcement is using today, becomes the technology of the near future for those in the private sector as pricing always comes down as technological development goes up. Spy Done technology in the private sector has come of age.

Spy Drones can and are  being  used for safety purposes by the military and law enforcement. The ability to quickly see from a high vantage point has many uses.  There are not private companies that are building these for use by anyone which are listed at the end of the link list below.

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