Counter-Terrorism President and Detective joins advisory board of private intelcom firm

VIRGINIA — The director of a private intelcom agency has appointed Det. Michael Riker(Ret.), President of the International Counterterrorism Officers Association, as the latest member of the Executive Security Council of Griffih Colson Intelligence Service.

Michael W. Riker is a Twenty two-year veteran, of the Prince George’s County, Maryland Police Department and three-year veteran of the United States Capitol Police.  During his career he has worked in the Criminal Investigations Division, Patrol, District level investigations, Robbery and Auto Theft investigator, Narcotics Enforcement Division and the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force, along with working at the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center.  Detective Riker has a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Management from Madison State University and has taken numerous courses in terrorism, narcotics, and intelligence during his career.

Michael is currently President of the International Counter Terrorism Officers Association (ICTOA), holding that position for the last three years. During his tenure he has put together conferences for the Public Safety, Military and First Responders that have dealt with such topics as Understanding Shariah Law and Militant Ideology, Al Qaeda’s Military Strategies, Understanding the Threat of Cyber Terrorism and Adversary Targeting just to name a few. The attendees come from numerous disciplines and agencies from the United States and the International community. The ICTOA successfully completed their 8th annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2010.

Mike and his family reside in Baltimore, MD.

In a written statement the Director of GCIS said the following:

“Mike is the best of the best. He’s a patriot and a soldier for his family, his community and his country. He’s tough and he is the best  of the best when it comes to advice and logic. He is one of my favorite people and we’ve been through so much together, He’s one of my personal heroes and I’m humbled that he has joined my ESC’.

Other members of the Executive Security Council include:

Ralph Thomas
Alysyn Bourque
Gary Aminoff
Bill And Janet Liebsch
Don Leake
Jan Abdelkhalek
Kayla Cohen
Melvin Spicer

Griffih Colson Intelligence Service  is a member of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists. It’s the one trade association that pays to belong to instead of just costs. For information on NAIS, click here.

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Ralph Thomas is author of over 32 books on various aspects of conducting investigations, founder and director of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists,CEO of Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc, The Spy Exchange And Security Center and SpyTek Wholesale Imports. Thomas is a member of the Executive Security Council of Griffith Colson Intelligence Service, a private intelligence agency. Thomas's latest project is NAIStv on the Griffith Media TV Network. He has also developed A Native American Store in Georgetown Texas called Tribal Impressions. You can review his person home page off of:

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