Lie Detection Development In Thermal Camera -The Week Reporting

Lying game: Professor Ugail, pictured, developed the new system with a team at the University of Bradford! The system uses a combination of computer technology and imaging technology

The ‘thermal camera’ that knows when you’re lying

The generations-old polygraph test has a sophisticated new rival — and liars can’t even tell when it’s being used on them

Liar, liar — face on fire? That’s the concept behind a new high-tech lie detector that uses thermal imaging technology to tell when someone is lying. The device was just unveiled by researchers at the universities of Bradford and Aberystwyth in the U.K., and will be tested this fall at an immigration checkpoint in a British airport. Could this be an improvement on the traditional polygraph test, which turns 90 this year? Here, a guide to this innovation

How does this thermal imaging device work?

With a simple video camera, it spots involuntary changes of expression that can reveal emotions — blinking eyes, wrinkling noses, dilating pupils. But it also uses a high-resolution thermal imaging sensor to detect small changes in temperature around the face that also are common when people lie. “Even swelling blood vessels around our eyes betray us,” says Hamish Pritchard of BBC News, “and the thermal sensor spots them too.”

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