NAIS MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – Sly Fox Investigations – Louisiana

Sly Fox Investigations, LLC

Sly Fox Investigations is not an average Private Investigation agency. We are a community based agency that is dedicated to obtaining the evidence our clients rely on, as well as  providing resources that promote the well-being of our clients. Sly Fox Investigations helps strengthen our community one case at a time. The actions driven by our hearts coupled with the skill and investigative expertise of our experienced leadership puts Sly Fox Investigations in a class of our own. We have a genuine desire to help restore the emotional unbalance that so often results from unfavorable domestic situations. That desire is what pushes us above and beyond the call of being an average detective agency.

Helping to enrich the lives of others is an obligation we do not assume lightly. It’s not our job, it’s our calling.


Our agency is licensed and insured and our  investigators are required to participate in annual continuing education programs as mandated by licensing laws. We approach investigating by using the most up-to-date technology, logic, experience and skill – and we keep our clients informed every step of the way! We are members of the National Association of Investigative Specialist (NAIS), The Louisiana Claims Association (LCA), and Female Legal and Investigative Professionals (FLIP).
The Sly Fox

 Brianne “Sly Fox” Joseph, LPI is the Owner and Head Investigator at Sly Fox Investigations. She has been a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Louisiana for 5 years. She is a nationally recognized investigator and has been featured by Essence Magazine, E’lon Couture Magazine, The Louisiana Weekly, The Atlanta Post, The Baton Rouge Business Report, 225 Magazine,on the cover of ArtChix Magazine and several other national publications. She has been a guest on several radio shows and has written articles about Private Investigation that have been published nationally as well. In addition, the Sly Fox was named the 2011 Investigator Of The Year by the National Association of Investigative Specialists. Mrs. Joseph takes pride in her uniqueness in such a male-dominated industry. She is known for her warm and inviting personality and she has a dedication to her clients that they instantly perceive and appreciate. She loves the positive impact her investigations have on the individual as well as the community. The Sly Fox loves to participate in events that publicize positve images of women as well as programs that contribute to the overall well-being of her community. She is proud to be a crisis counselor and community presenter for CAFVIC Battered Womens Shelter as well as a volunteer with theMiss Black Louisiana USA Pageantand The Cinderella Project.
“Brianne is a totally positive influence in the Private Investigation industry and is rising straight to the top. Total integrity and professionalism! My kind of P.I.!”Ralph Thomas, Founder and Director at The National Association of Investigative Specialists, CEO of Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc.
The Sly Fox Advantage
Female Investigators are rare and Sly Fox Investigation’s uniqueness in the Private Investigation Industry makes our investigators naturals for undercover work. Sly Fox  Investigators are often  requested to interview witnesses and perform various undercover assignments when discretion and accuracy matters. We operate under strict ethical guidelines and within  Local, State, and Federal laws pertaining to Private Investigation. Our investigators are persistent and detail oriented and we have the utmost respect for our client’s time and confidentiality. Sly Fox Investigators understand the sensitivity that surrounds Private Investigation and we are  dedicated to helping our clients obtain the support and evidence they need to make informed choices in their lives. The level of competency and skill our investigators possess puts us heads and shoulders above the competition, plus we use innovative techniques that are characteristic of the Sly Fox style.  Sly Fox Investigators are evidence experts. Utilize the Sly Fox Advantage!
License # 7457072110-LA
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Sly Fox Investigations, LLC  is a member of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists . They are also an NAIS member outstanding web site. For information on NAIS, click here. Your Spotlight could appear here, in the NAISmembership directory and on other NAIS member Spotlight pages so check it out. NAIS members also access information through the NAIS members web site called PEN (Private-Eye Network). To find out more about PEN, click here.

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