Sex And The Single Israeli Lady Spy

By Emma Garman 

Long before Russia’s femme fatale Anna Chapman fueled countless blog posts and male fantasies, Israel had a female spy whose success in her profession’s dark arts made her one of history’s most notorious honey-traps. Back in 1986, Cheryl Ben-Tov, the former Mossad operative known as Cindy, used her blonde, buxom and very American sexuality to ensnare an idealistic young fugitive named Mordechai Vanunu, condemning him to a fate from which he’s still trying to escape.

Vanunu, who served 18 years in prison for treason after he scandalously revealed Israel’s nuclear secrets to the London Sunday Times, is again making headlines, having expressed his desire to renounce his Israeli citizenship and emigrate. A public relations headache, no doubt, for Israeli government officials, who banned Vanunu from giving interviews, having contact with foreigners and leaving the country. Still, I doubt they’ll be losing that much sleep or hair over it, given the vastly more pressing national issues of the Hamas-Fatah unity government and Dana International back in the Eurovision Song Contest. Ben-Tov, on the other hand, has good reason to worry. Last anyone checked, she was a realtor in Orlando—poetic justice, perhaps, but I wouldn’t blame Vanunu, who spent much of his jail time in solitary confinement, has twice been re-imprisoned for minor parole violations since his 2004 release and who has likely never endured a visit to Disney World, if he didn’t see it as sufficient punishment.

The drama began when Vanunu was a young technician at Dimona, Israel’s nuclear research center. To his shock he discovered that, unbeknownst to the rest of the world, thermonuclear weapons of considerable destructive power were being developed. Eventually, armed with covertly acquired photographic evidence, including pictures of spherical silver bombs with plutonium cores, he went to London and finalized the details on a front-page Sunday Times article that would sensationally blow the whistle on the tremendous nuclear capability behind Israel’s policy of deliberate ambiguity.

Meanwhile, the Mossad had decided that Vanunu—who has always maintained that his only motivation was to avert a nuclear war—was disillusioned, foolhardy and a dangerous loose cannon. Tracking his movements, in London they carefully plotted how to get him into their custody. In his definitive book on the Vanunu affair, The Woman from Mossad, Peter Hounam points out that this was not a Nazi murderer being hunted, i.e., someone whom the Mossad might feel comfortable violently abducting off the street, but an Israeli citizen likely to attract public sympathy. So they opted for the subtle but oh-so-effective method of sending Cindy, a twenty-something bat leveyha, meaning female assistant agent, after him.

Florida native Cindy—real name Cheryl—moved to Israel as a teenager, married a government intelligence analyst at nineteen, and was identified as a suitable spy by Mossad recruiters soon after her wedding. Two years of intensive training followed: she was taught how to lie, steal, kill, and, most importantly, how to use sex, and the especially the promise of sex, as a powerful weapon. Gordon Thomas, in his book Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, reveals that, for example, Cindy’s tutors would pull her out of bed in the middle of the night, send her on a mission to pick up a tourist at a nightclub then disengage from him outside his hotel, observing her all the while. The lesson: how to sexually entrap a man without him having a clue as to what was going on.


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