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Private Investigator, Lauth Investigations is an Indianapolis based investigative firm and information broker with resources and analysis worldwide. Lauth Investigations addresses all the large risks clients face in the world with diligent fact finding conducive to the needs of our client. Lauth intelligence gathering practice comprises of highly credentialed investigators with experience diversely fitted to each investigation.

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When our clients hire us they expect results, which is why Lauth Investigations International Inc. hires investigators with a wide array of experience. Further, when our clientele gives us an investigation to conduct, we first look at the type of investigation, the type of expertise needed to close the case, and with no less than 20 years of experience within that specific field, our investigators will pursue the case.

The investigator will examine and review, track and interact, always professionally, legally, and tactfully, persisting and accomplishing until the case is closed.

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Fortune 500 Company

Indianapolis Private Investigator, Lauth Investigations was retained by Fortune 500 Company Pepsi-Co Inc. to uncover suspicions of an employee driver who allegedly was stocking too much inventory in his truck for several months. Lauth Investigations set up vehicular surveillance for two weeks of the subject using two vehicles to determine what days and times the increased inventory was being dropped. After approximately two weeks of surveillance, investigators obtained over one hour of video of the subject and a few locals unloading and transferring nearly 2 tons of Pepsi from a immobile standby truck and daily truck to a large Ryder semi-trailer. Later, three employees were prosecuted for theft and receiving stolen goods, including some of the locals that assisted the employees in transportation.

Worldwide Travel Agency

Indiana Investigator, Lauth Investigations was retained by a worldwide travel agency to investigate by due diligence if the Chief Financial Officer of the company had given accurate background information on his resume and application. On the subjects resume and application he gave information that he was formerly a CFO at two other companies and an intelligence officer for the Central Intelligence Agency. Lauth findings concluded that nearly all the information given on his resume were inaccurate. The employee was requested to appear at a meeting with Lauth Investigators and the human resources department. At the meeting the employee was confronted with Lauth findings and the employee confessed to all the erroneous content placed on his resume and his employment was terminated.

Local Law Firm

Indianapolis Investigator, Lauth Investigations was retained by a local law firm to assist their client, the grandparents of two children that were living with their mother and her boyfriend. The objective of the investigation was to impeach the credibility of the mother because of suspicions of drug use and high traffic at their home. After short-term human surveillance video was obtained, extremely high frequency of traffic at their apartment, including the mother and boyfriend leaving the children with neighbors and strangers unknown to the grandparents was found. Further, background checks were obtained of the live-in boyfriend and numerous police incident reports were found of the boyfriend abusing the mother in front of the children, the mother in altercations with neighbors, and reports of law enforcement being called for disturbances while the children were present.

A+ Rated Property & Casualty Insurance Company

Lauth Investigations was retained by an A+ rated property and casualty insurance company to determine the assets of a subject who was involved in the deaths of two of their claimants. After diligent intensive searches it was found that the subject had owned two businesses of which both held substantial liquid assets, however the subject also had owned several properties in his name and had just inherited several more properties and cash from a relative. All finding by Lauth Investigators were obtained by public record sources and in compliance with the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.

A Questionable Death Claims Case

Lauth Investigations International Inc. conducted the death investigation of a 17-year-old, who, according to the local police, was murdered by his brother who was confined to a wheelchair. Lauth Investigations obtained evidence to show that the 17-year-old unfortunately had taken his own life. The result of Lauth & Associates findings were based on a vital witness statement taken from the nephew of the victim, whom the police had never interviewed.

A Worker’s Compensation Case

Indianapolis Private Investigators, Lauth Investigations International Inc. was contracted by a local adjuster to ascertain if claimant “Raymond” was falsifying his alleged work-related injuries for an extended vacation. “Raymond” was diagnosed by his local chiropractor with chronic lower back and recurring neck pain, yet reports from “Raymond’s” neighbor showed that the veracity of “Raymondâs” injuries became worth disputing. After 12 hours of surveillance activities at the claimants residence, Lauth Investigations discovered that “Raymond” was able to miraculously subvert his pain well enough to clean the household pool, rake the fallen leaves, and without grimace, carry 13 heavy leaf bags to the end of the driveway for trash pickup. A video and comprehensive written report were provided to the adjuster for a quick resolution.

An Asset Research Case

Lauth Investigations International Inc. was contracted by an insurance company to locate the assets on an individual involved in an accident with their claimant. Their insurance received the maximum for the policy, yet a number of medical bills remained unpaid due to ongoing treatment. Lauth Investigations uncovered numerous properties that the subject held title, and several were under a fictitious company whereby the subject had setup to avoid any liens on the property.

An Auto Accident Case

A few years ago, a local insurance company requested their special investigations unit to locate a primary witness on an accident case. Their attempts included accessing several databases with the social security number and date of birth. First, Lauth Investigations found that the subject was using a nickname and that the true name was an alias. Lauth Investigations then traveled to the accident scene and spoke with a few subjects that commonly loiter at the corner. Inquiring about the nickname “Littleman,” and using a description of the witness, one of the subjects gave an approximate location of the witness. Lauth Investigations then traveled to the described location, “on the next street over,” and physically knocked on several doors. A neighbor identified with the witness description and pointed to the house in which the witness was “sometimes seen” at that location. Lauth & Associates spoke with the mother of the 17-year-old witness, and she contacted the witness via pager. Subsequently, Lauth Investigations obtained a telephone statement from the witness.

Lauth Investigations International is a member of the National Association Of Investigative Specialists. For information on NAIS, click here.

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