Gerald Adams & Douglas Crumly – Surveillance & All its Legal Aspects -Friday, August 3 – ICIA -San Antonio TX

Date: Friday, August 3         Time: 3:20p – 5:20pSurveillance & All its Legal Aspects — Advanced TCI Training, open to TCI’s and TCI Candidates only

This presentation is designed to educate Texas Licensed Investigators on all surveillance techniques used in our industry that are impacted by Federal and State laws in effect today.

Gerald Adams & Associates, Inc., is a Texas licensed international investigations corporation that has been in service for 20 + years.

Mr. Adams is a retired Special Agent of the FBI, having served in many states across the country. His training and experience in Intelligence gathering and coordinating, Crisis Management, Hostage Negotiations, Public Corruption, and International Drug and Terrorist Cartels has benefited his clients and his students. His hands-on training and international lecturing have assisted numerous corporations and school safety programs around the world.

In addition to working in law enforcement and teaching for 40 years, Mr. Adams has served as the Senior Advisor to the Texas Governor’s Homeland Security Program. He coordinated and implemented the Statewide Homeland Security Program and the Federal Government’s Program.

He is a Senior Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Advisor for Signature Science in Austin, Texas, is a Senior Instructor in School Safety for the Institute for Criminal Justice Studies, Texas State University, and a guest lecturer at the University of Texas School of Social Sciences and Criminal Justice, Austin, Texas.

Currently serving as board member for the Education, Recruiting, and Training Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Mr. Adams is actively involved in cultural diversity programs and numerous charitable causes. He is a certified Facilitator for Hospice Austin and is the recipient of the 2005 International Institute for Interfaith Dialog, Inc. Peace Award, and the 2009 Intellenet “Brad Penny” Award for Ethics and Professionalism, 2009 S.F. Austin High School, Hall of Honor, Law Enforcement and Humanitarian Award.

Co-Presenter Douglas Crumly, TCI

D.C. Investigations is a Texas licensed company that has been in service for 17+ years. Douglas Crumly is a Texas Licensed investigator since 1995 and has risen to the designation of TCI since 2005. He has served for TALI as the Elections Chairman for some 5 years. He is currently serving on the TCI Committee of TALI. He has past Law Enforcement experience with several County and Municipal agencies. He is a certified Rescue Diver, Petroleum Landman, and a member of the of the Patriot Guard Riders of South Texas.


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