Saturday, August 4 -San Antonio -Steven Rambam – Teaching Undercover Operations – Legal & Operational Pitfalls



Date: Saturday, August 4         Time: 11:10a – 12:00p

Undercover Operations – Legal & Operational Pitfalls — Breakout

Changes in State and Federal laws restrict use of alternate identities and legal areas of undercover investigations. The Internet and “dox-ing” have made most undercover identities “a mile wide but only an inch deep”. Facial recognition can destroy even the most carefully constructed cover identity. Rogue Investigators may be working for your targets and helping to bust your operative’s cover.

International Investigator -Steven Rambam!

The legal and operational pitfalls facing today’s undercover operator are more serious than ever and range from license-threatening to life-threatening. This seminar, presented by an Investigator who has conducted and supervised hundreds of undercover operations in the United States and overseas, against targets ranging from war criminals to mobsters to fraudsters, will provide an overview of the dramatically increasing risks for the Undercover Operative and the agencies employing undercover ops.

Steven Rambam is the founder and CEO of Pallorium, Inc. (web site:, a licensed Investigative Agency with offices and affiliates worldwide. Pallorium maintains U.S. offices and affiliates in Texas, Louisiana, California and New York. Since 1980, Pallorium’s investigators have successfully closed more than 10,500 cases, ranging from homicide and death claim investigations to missing persons cases to the investigation of various types of sophisticated financial and insurance frauds. Pallorium’s online subsidiary, PallTech (, offers access to nearly eight hundred (800) data sources, and to seven (7) major proprietary databases, and provides online investigative support services to 2,800 investigative and law enforcement agencies. DataVerification.Net, a custom web portal owned and operated by PallTech, provides specialized identity verification and underwriting solutions to the insurance industry. PallTech recently coauthored two popular iPhone applications, “IdentityCheck” and “Investigators Everywhere” (reissue 08-2011). Mr. Rambam has coordinated investigations in more than fifty (50) countries, and in nearly every U.S. State and Canadian province. Steven specializes in international and multi-jurisdictional investigations. Steven Rambam and Pallorium have conducted or coordinated in excess of 500 foreign insurance-related investigations, including hundreds of “death claim” investigations. A significant number of these cases have resulted in confessions, arrest and prosecution. Steven also personally specializes in missing person investigation and in the investigation of sophisticated financial frauds, but is perhaps best publicly known for his pro bono activities, which have included the investigation of nearly 200 Nazi collaborators and war criminals in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. Steven has also coordinated efforts to expose terrorist groups’ fundraising activities in the United States and has conducted investigations which resulted in the tightening of airport security in 8 U.S. cities. Steven Rambam was one of the first investigators to expose “prime bank note” and “trading program” frauds, and his investigations in conjunction with U.S. federal law enforcement agencies resulted in some of the first convictions and imprisonment of P.B.N. fraudsters. More than five hundred (500) newspaper and magazine articles have reported on Pallorium’s investigations, and Steven has been interviewed by numerous local television broadcasts, and by national and international news broadcasts such as “Sixty Minutes”, “48 Hours”, “BBC”, “CBC”, “NPR”, “IBA News” (Israel), NBC’s “Dateline”, “The National”, “ARD Report Mainz”, “Discovery Channel”, “Geraldo” and “America’s Most Wanted”. Steven was recently asked to host a weekly investigative television show. Steven is a court-recognized expert witness on matters including “investigative techniques”, “foreign investigation”, “international fugitive recovery”, “sophisticated financial frauds”, among other topics. Steven is a member of IIN, WAD, WIN, NAIS (Life Member), ION, AIIP, NCISS, BOMP (Founding member), COIN, IJI, IOA, TALI, ACFE, ASIS, Intelnet, IWWA, ALDONYS, SPI (Board member and Vice President), IAAR (Advisory Board Member) and other investigative associations. Steven holds the “CFE” board certification from the ACFE, “CPP”, “PSP” and “PCI” board certifications from ASIS and the ‘CSAR” board certification from IAAR-ACFCS. Steven Rambam and Pallorium, Inc. can be contacted at tel. 212-969-0286, email:


Steve Rambam from the last Super Conference in Dallas, Tx. Always a popular speaker -don’t miss his presentation!

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