Some Quite Interesting Facts About Spies

The 1911 edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica states that in wartime it is the element of disguise which sets spies apart from others. Even if a soldier was caught on enemy territory with the intent to collect information, he was not a spy unless wearing a disguise. In peacetime, a “spy” was anyone who secretly tried to gather information which was not in the public domain on behalf of another country. The Security Services estimate at least 20 foreign intelligence services are still operating against the UK. Cyber-espionage means modern spies don’t even need to leave their computers. MI5 reported recently that one major British company had lost £800 million though online attacks. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you which company. That’s classified.

Although only MI5 and MI6 remain, there were 10 Military Intelligence sections during the First World War, and 17 by the time the Second World War finished. MI1 looked after codes and ciphers; MI4 was maps; MI12 organised censorship; MI16, formed in 1945, dealt with scientific intelligence. But not even spooks can resist a touch of superstition – there was never an MI13.

Spies on TV
In recent years MI5 and MI6 have embraced a more transparent public persona. While the very existence of the services used to be denied, today the location of their head offices is widely available and staff members give interviews and write books. Not everything has changed, though. In 2008 an MI6 officer was interviewed on the One Show; but proceedings were interrupted when his false moustache fell off halfway through.

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