Sheba Thomas


Sheba Thomas passed away November 19th, 2012 at 10:48 AM  after a several month struggle with a massive tumor. She was 13.5 years old. Sheba had always  been is very good health and her vet always said that, up until she started getting sick several months ago,  had the health of a puppy.  Sheba was a very special companion to Ralph And Barbara Thomas and was almost always by their side during both work, play and sleep.  She was considered the official NAIS mascot since the death of her sister, Checkers Thomas.  Sheba was an australian shepherd/dalmatian mix that acted much like a human and lived with Ralph And Barbara Thomas for 13 years.  Since Ralph Thomas works at home in an office, she was always by his side. Sheba passed away with Ralph And Barbara Thomas by her side.

Her illness was not painful and  she was a happy dog up until the last day of her life. Ralph And Barbara Thomas had found out she had a massive tumor inside her about a month and a half before she passed away and discussed options with Sheba’s vet. There was not much that could be done. An operation was considered but it was determined that the tumor was so large and attached to her stomach that her changes of even surviving the surgery was not very good. Her vet gave her  just a couple of weeks but she outlived that by two weeks spending her last days with her family. Sheba is survived by her sister SnithIt A/K/A Missy who is a small Papillon female dog. Ralph And Barbara Thomas are looking at several new puppies but Sheba can not be replaced.  Sheba was a very happy and well contented dog all of her life. Here are some photos of Sheba that had been taken in the last few years.

Sheba had some very special qualities. Like all dogs, she was very faithful to both Ralph And Barbara Thomas as well as her sister  Snitchit. Sheba was always happy and always smiling. She wanted to be wherever her master was. Sheba was a very good dog in her life on earth  and always willing to please whoever was around.  In her younger years, she liked to play never ending ball and fetch. Sheba was always a joy to be around and understood a great deal of  human language. We learned great things from her about being  gentle and always being in a good mood even when one isn’t feeling that well as that’s who she was. Sheba was all smiles right up until the end of her life. She was a true family member that was always included in both family and our work life. Sheba always reminded me of two words in our constitution -“pursuit of happiness” -because she always was!

Sheba With Her Little Sister SnitchIt

Sheba pawing for pets in Ralph Thomas’s home office.

Sheba With Ralph Thomas And His Mom. Sheba always acted like a puppy.

Another photo of Sheba with her little sister SnitchIt A/K/A Missy.

Sheba is the third NAIS Mascot lost to death. The first one was Inspector Gadget that Ralph And Barbara Thomas obtained as a puppy. You can click here to read all about Inspector Gadget. The second NAIS Mascot was a Fox Terrier named Checkers. You can click here to read all about checkers.

“Since we have little SnitchIt, she has eased the pain of the passing of Sheba. We thank God for giving us the time we had with Sheba and Sheba had a great life with us. We will see her again in the life hereafter. She now once again plays like a puppy with our other lost family members, Skylar, TIPI, Checkers and Inspector Gadget. ” -Ralph Thomas, Round Rock, Texas.

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Ralph Thomas is author of over 32 books on various aspects of conducting investigations, founder and director of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists,CEO of Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc, The Spy Exchange And Security Center and SpyTek Wholesale Imports. Thomas is a member of the Executive Security Council of Griffith Colson Intelligence Service, a private intelligence agency. Thomas's latest project is NAIStv on the Griffith Media TV Network. He has also developed A Native American Store in Georgetown Texas called Tribal Impressions. You can review his person home page off of:

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