Fugitive Recovery in Foreign Jurisdictions

When preparing for a bail arrest out of state, keep this in mind: meticulous planning in advance means fewer emergencies on the road.

While most recovery agents are usually somewhat familiar with bail-recovery laws in their home jurisdiction, problems often arise when traveling to other states to arrest bail jumpers. Despite the manufactured excitement portrayed in reality television, the professional recovery agent usually hopes for an uneventful and successful outcome when making an arrest. I’ll try to outline some proven methods for ensuring that you will face as little resistance as possible when traveling to a foreign state to arrest your quarry.

Know the laws of the jurisdiction into which you are traveling and operating.

Every state has its own statutes regarding the legality of bail arrests. Most of the statutes can be found on the internet at either a state website or Lexis-Nexis. They are usually very specific about proper procedures, including any documents, identification, or licenses that the recovery agent must have in order to operate in each state.

In states that also have regulatory agencies governing the bail and bail recovery industry, recovery agents should be familiar with those regulations as well. Printing these statutes and regulations and carrying a copy with you is also advisable, should you be called on to produce them or refer back to them later. Sitting in a parking lot in the middle of the night trying to do internet searches is never a good idea.

Contact the attorney general’s office (or equivalent) of the jurisdiction.

A quick phone call to this office will give you a sense of the state’s attitude toward bail enforcement should you encounter any legal trouble when you arrest your skip. Getting to talk to an assistant DA isn’t usually very difficult, and while they will almost never give you a solid legal position on your question, they’ll usually give you a good idea of the position the state will take if you find yourself on the wrong end of an arrest.

Be advised: They will almost never offer you legal advice, but you should be able to gauge for yourself the legal and political climate you will find yourself in should you be arrested. Remember, this is the office that will prosecute you if you find yourself sitting in jail because your arrest went bad. It’s a good idea to keep the name and phone number of the attorney that you talked to if it becomes necessary to produce this information later.  Merely asserting that you spoke with “someone” will be given little or no credibility.


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