Top 4 Frightening Technological Advances!


In 2003, Dolly, a female sheep, was the first mammal that was successfully cloned. This resulted in questions concerning not just the ethics of cloning; people were concerned about the unforeseen consequences of this technology.

In addition to cloning, numerous technological advances–from designer babies to brain hackers–pose a similar concern.

Designer babies

You already have some control over your baby’s traits. If you want a particular mini-me, you can time romps in the bedroom to improve chances of conceiving a baby of a certain gender and you can be prescreened for certain genetics traits that might effect your baby.

But by 2020, you could have a new level of control over your propagation–a made-to-order baby–like a car that’s manufactured to your specifications.

Instead of leather seats that warm up, you will be able to order a designer baby, customizing your baby’s gender, appearance, intelligence and personality.

The miracle of birth may be replaced with pre-determined outcomes. Babies may become more homogeneous as they become smarter, taller and better looking. People with certain traits tend to be more successful in life, making more money or attracting a more desirable mate. Competition with others to be successful will start in the womb.

Parents will also be able to opt for an artificial womb to avoid the stress of childbirth.

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