Terrorists Among Us In America

In 23 years, America has had 57 Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks on American Soil.  In recent years, they have been becoming more frequent. In the last year, there has been seven incidents and over this last weekend there were five incidents. Its apparent that these attacks can occur at any time. Some of them are just one Radical Islamic Terrorist with a rifle or knife  killing single Americans at random while others are mass killings with guns, knives and home made bombs. Here is a list of the 57 Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks. Except for the most recent ones, we are only listing those in which deaths occurred.


01.24.1993 – Langley –  Two CIA agents shot

02.26.1993 – NYC – Truck Bomb-  World Trade Center – 6 dead, 1000 injured

03.01.1994 – NYC Shooting  – 16 year old boy in Van

03.23.1997 – NYC – Empire State Building  – seven people shot

03.17.2000 – Atlanta, Ga -Radical Islamic Terrorist guns down two deputy Sheriffs


09.11.2001 – NYC –  Two Planes Hit World Trade Center –  – 3,000 dead, thousands injured

09.11.2001 – Washington DC – Plane slams into Pentagon – 200 killed

09.11.2001- Shanksville, PA – Hijacked plane crashes  – 40 passengers killed

03.19.2002 Tuscon, AZ- Radical Islamic Terrorist  sniper kills 60 year old on golf course

05.27.2002 Denton, Tx -Radical Islamic Terrorist  kills man working in his yard

07.04.2002 Los Angles, Ca -Radical Islamic Terrorist  pulls gun at airport and kills two

09.21.2002 – Atlanta, Ga -Radical Islamic Terrorist Terrorist kills employee in liquor Store

09.21.2002 Montgomery, AL – Radical Islamic Terrorist snipers shoot two woman, one dead

09.23.2002 Baton Rouge, LA – Radical Islamic Terrorist sniper kills mother – shot in back

10.02,2002 – Wheaton, MD – Radical Islamic Terrorist snipers kill program analyst in parking lot

10.03.2002  – Montgomery County, MD – Radical Islamic Terrorist  snipers kill 3 men and 2 women

10.09.2002 – Manassas, Va – Radical Islamic Terrorist snipers kill  one in parking lot

10.03.2002  – Montgomery County, MD – Islamic Terrorist sniper kills one at gas station pumping gas

10.11.2002 – Fredericksburg, VA – Radical Islamic Terrorist sniper kills man pumping gas

10.14.2002 – Arlington, VA – Radical Islamic Terrorist sniper kills woman at Home Depot Parking Lot

10.22.2002 – Aspen Hill, MD – Radical Islamic Terrorist  sniper  kills bus driver

08.06.2003 – Houston -Radical Islamic Terrorist  slashes throat of Jewish Collage Student

04.14.2004- Scottsville, NY – Radical Islamic Terrorist father kills wife and attacks children

06.16.2006 – Baltimore, MD -Radical Islamic Terrorist  shots to death movie goer

06.25.2006 – Denver CO –  Radical Islamic Terrorist shoots four co-workers and police officer

07.08.2006 – Seattle, WA – Radical Islamic Terrorist shoots six women, one dead

01.01.2008 – Irving, TX – Radical Islamic Terrorist  shoots his two daughters to death for “Westernization”

07.06.2008 – Jonesboro, GA -Radical Islamic Terrorist  strangles 25 year old daughter in “honor killing”

02.12.2009-  Buffalo, NY – Founder Of Muslim TV station beheads wife

04.12.2009 – Phoenix, AZ -Radical Islamic Terrorist  shoots brother-in-law

06.01.2009- Little Rock, AR -Radical Islamic Terrorist  shoots local soldier

11.02.2009 – Glendale, AZ -Radical Islamic Terrorist  runs over daughter for being “Westernized”

12.04.2009- Birmington, NY  -Radical Islamic Terrorist  stabs professor to death

11.09.2009 –  Fort Hood, Texas – Radical Islamic Terrorist  Mass shooting 13 people dead, 30 injured

04.14.2010 – Marquette Park, IL – Radical Islamic Terrorist  kills wife and family member over “westernization”

04.30.2011  – Warren, MI – Radical Islamic Terrorist  Stepfather shoots stepdaughter over “westernization”

09.11.2011 – Waltham, MA – Radical Islamic Terrorist  slashes throats of three jewish men

01.15.2012 – Houston, TX -Radical Islamic Terrorist  shoots and kills Christian for converting daughter

02.07.2013 – Buena Vista, NJ -Radical Islamic Terrorist  beheads two Christians

04.24.2013 – Ashtabula, OH – Radical Islamic Terrorist  guns down father In Church

04.15.2013 – Boston, MA – Radical Islamic Terrorist – Boston Pipe Bombs – 260 people injured, 3 killed

04.19.2013 – Boston, MA – Jihadists gun down university police officer in his car

08.04.2013 – Richmond, CA – Radical Islamic Terrorist  stabs store clerk to death

03.06.2014 – Port Bolivar, TX -Radical Islamic Terrorist  shoots daughter and her lover

04.27.2014 – Skyway, WA –  Radical Islamic Terrorist  murders 30 year old male

06.01.2014 – Seattle, WA – Two homosexuals murdered by Radical Islamic Terrorist

06.25.2013 – West Orange, NJ – Radical Islamic Terrorist  shots to death college student

09.25.2014 – Moore, OK – Radical Islamic Terrorist  beheads woman

12.18.2014 – Morganton, NC – ISIS shots and kills 74 year old man

07.16.2015 – Chattanooga, TN – Muslim stages sucide attack – five dead


12.02.2015 -San Bernadine,  CA  – Radical Islamic Terrorist Mass shooting – 15 people dead, 20 wounded


06.12. 2016  – Orlando, FlA – Radical Islamic Terrorist Mass shooting Orlando Night Club 50 dead

09.17.2016 – St. Cloud, MN – 9 injured in Radical Islamic Terrorist Mall Stabbing

09.17.2016 –  Seaside Park, NJ – Pipe Bomb explodes in  – U.S. Marine charity road run was  late – no injuries

09.17.2016 – New York City – Bomb explodes in NYC – 29 injured

09.17.2016 –  New York City – Second NYC pipe bomb found- it did not go off.

09.19.2016  – Elizabeth, NJ – Five Pipe Bombs found near NJ Train Station- none went off.

There are Terrorist Cells  And  Training Camps in America. According to Martin Mawyer- producer of a documentary titled Homegrown Jihad – there are 35 Islamic training compounds that exist in the United States. You can watch a video on this that Sean Hannity did by going to:   Terrorist Cells – Traning Camps in America

There are Radical Islamic Mosques in America  – According to the Clarion Project, there are 83 of them across the United States. This list has been developed based on public information.  Watch the video – Radical Islamic Mosques in America


Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Now Inside Cities in the USA The Islamic State has recruited thousands of supporters in the United States- Click Here To Read The Article


Islamic State terrorist group is operating a camp eight miles from the US border near El Paso, Texas – Click Here To Read The Article

On Monday – A Homeland Security audit revealed that 858 immigrants from “countries of concern to national Security” who had pending deportation orders, where mistakenly granted citizenship.  Click Here To Read The Story .

The Investigative Project – Map Of Terrorist networks in the USA  – Click Here To View The Map

Our FBI Chief  stated recently that  “Terrorist Diaspora” Will Come To The West- click here to read the article.  There are currently  900 active investigations against ISIS sympathizers in all 50 states within the USA.

Record numbers of Syrian refugees are being let into the USA  despite warnings from the FBI that we have no way to vent many of these people and ISIS has already claimed that they have infiltrated the program. You can click here to listen to the FBI Director talking about venting them.  On top of that,  a Top DHS Screening Official is  Unable To Provide Stats  to congress On Refugees. Click Here To View The Video. Our boarders are wide-open and Terrorists can easily get into the USA from Mexico. Several have been caught but our concern are the ones who have not.

Besides the massive numbers of Terrorists coming into the USA, Terrorists are recruiting in massive numbers from within the USA. Terrorists are increasingly using social media to recruit and convert. You can click here to read a good article on the subject.

Composed By Ralph Thomas – feel free to share and republish this.

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