JFK Assassination – Sophisticated Legend Phases, Lies And Legend Layers

By Ralph Thomas


Sophisticated lies and legends are often layered on top of a lesser well known or believed legend when the first legend is peeled away. This is a tactic used from the rulebook on masters of deception. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest because the individual trees are in the way unless you get out of the jungle. Note: This is a book excerpt from 1,900 page investigation known JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy: An Investigation And Revision Of History. It is also in the smaller version investigative report known as Project Northwoods, Operation Mockingbird And The Assassination Of JFK – MLK And RFK.


When it comes to the JFK Assassination, there have been legends that have been created and disseminated in both the mainstream news media and as insider rumors. What I mean by this is that legends had been designed in away in which one legend states on thing which is planted in the mainstream news media and a completely different more covert legend is placed in the insider rumor network.

In using such an elaborate propaganda plan, the main steam news media might be saying one thing while insider rumors state something else. This creates confusion and throws anyone attempting to cut through the legends to get to the truth off track and off focus. By placing an official mainstream news media story as a legend and then placing a rumor legend underneath that, some researchers have pulled off the official public legend only to be confronted with another unofficial legend when the public legend is peeled away. A Legend is best defined as a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated. Legends have been used in various ways over a 54-year period to confuse and throw people off focus as to what really happened. Because these legends are so sophisticated, the mere fact that you can see them is a sign of an intelligence operation.

Here is a history of some of these legends that illustrates this:


  • Covert Legend: Either Russia Or Cuba Had Been Involved
  • Overt Legend: Oswald Was Involved As A Lone Nut And Their Was No Conspiracy
  • Overt Legend: There Was A Conspiracy And The Mob Was Only Involved.
  • Covert Legend: LBJ Was The Principle Organizer.
  • Covert Legend: Anti-Castro Cubans Had Been Only Involved.
  • Overt Legend: The JFK Murder Involved An Alien Presence He Was Going To Expose.
  • Overall Legends: Infiltrate official investigations and the research community with false information that throws focus off track. This is often called smoke and mirror operations.
When the Warren Commission was created to stop an official Texas investigation and two congressional investigations of the Kennedy assassination, LBJ told each commission member he appointed that what they would be doing would be analyzing an investigative report conducted by the FBI and J Edgar Hover. Hoover’s investigative report had already been leaked to the press. It stated that OSWALD acted alone, fired three shots from the School Book Depository Building and there was no conspiracy. LBJ used the second legend that either the Soviets or the Cubans did it in a conspiracy to convince the members he selected to serve on the Warren Commission that they had to reach a certain conclusion to avoid an all out war with Russia in which millions of Americans could die.
None of the carefully selected commission members really wanted to be on the commission with the exception of Allen Dulles who was the former director of the CIA that JFK had fired. Dulles was the only person on the commission that didn’t have a very busy full time job. The other commission members had been all but forced onto the commission by LBJ. Since Hoover had already leaked his lone nut no conspiracy theory to the press and the commissioners had been told that what they would be doing was analyzing his FBI report, each member already knew what the report had to say to avoid a war with Russia. LBJ was using both the overt legend that Oswald acted alone and the insider rumor legend that the Russians did it.
There is material evidence within the documents of the Warren Commission that tend to show what was going on. The first one is the meeting of Earl Warren with Texas officials on the evidence that OSWALD was an FBI informant and being paid $200.00 a month. Dulles pointed out that if the commission investigated this, the FBI would just lie about it so it was dropped. The second indication of something had run amuck is that fact that one staff member stated in notes that, “material alteration on the background of Oswald would be required.” The actual work of the commission was done by staff members. The well known commission members had just been window dressing. Each staff member was asked to write a paper concerning the goals of what they would accomplish. Most all of them wrote in these papers that their goal was to prove that OSWALD acted alone and there was no conspiracy.
The commission released a report concluding that OSWALD fired three shots from the sixth floor window and acted alone. The report also stated that Jack Ruby acted alone in murdering OSWALD, was not a member of or connected with organized crime and OSWALD and RUBY did not know each other. All of these facts are incorrect but the legend held for a while.
After Mark Lane released his best selling book Rush To Judgment, the rumor and secondary legend that the Cubans or the Russians did it started to get leaked in the press. This created a great deal of confusion in the mind of the public. It’s important to understand that the second rumor legend drew attention away the real facts.
The Zupruder film itself is filled with legends. When frames where first published in Life Magazine and the Warren Commission frames had been reversed in their printing to make it look as if JFK’s head went violently forward at the time of the fatal headshot. Dan Rather stated on the air that he had observed the Zupruder film and that JFK’s head went forward at the time of the fatal headshot. The Zupruder film was then hidden away by Life Magazine so no American could see it.
It wasn’t until the Jim Garrison Investigation and Robert Groden obtained copies of the Zupruder Film that the American public learned that the frames Life Magazine and the Warren Commission had printed in reverse order and what Dan rather was stating was not correct. JFK’s head went violently backwards and to the left, not forward at the time of the headshot. The fact that both Life Magazine and the Warren Commission both published these frames backwards indicating the opposite is itself a sign of a cover-up. It is simply not believable that both Life Magazine and the Warren Commission could of both made the same error on he same issue as they claimed. When you add to that the fact that Dan Rather got on TV and incorrectly stated that same thing, what was going on becomes obvious. The violently forward movement of the head was a deliberately planted legend. This in and of itself tends to show a cover-up.
When the House Select Committee On Assassinations was formed, it had many problems and limitations. The committee started to uncover lying going on from the CIA so it suddenly had its funds cut and the investigation was cut short. It’s important to note that when one CIA staffer was interviewed in Miami he made the remark that the investigation would be limited in time and after it was over the CIA would still be there. The House Select Committee On Assassinations concluded that both the JFK and the MLK assassination had likely been the result of a conspiracy.
Today, most people attribute the findings of the House Select Committee On Assassinations to an audio recording from a stuck microphone that revealed four shots. The recording tended to show one shot from the knoll. Today, there is some evidence that would indicate that this recording was from a police motorcycle that was not even at the assassination site but at the Trade Mart building. The audio recording evidence could have been planted in another diversion to throw the focus off the investigation because it could be discredited at a later date. This is exactly what happened. The House Select Committee On Assassinations developed a huge body of other evidence that pointed to a conspiracy but most of this evidence was not even published in its final report. A lot of this evidence ended up getting published by one of the committee investigators by the name of Gaton Fonzi in a book he called The Last Investigation.
After the House Select Committee On Assassinations closed down, there was a widely reported legend and several books published that stated that the mob assassinated JFK. At the same time this was being disseminated, the continued rumors that Castro had been involved continued to circulate. At the same time all these was going on, a number of other wild and almost unbelievable theories began to circulate. Muddying the waters with these various theories threw some serious researchers down ten-mile deep dead end rabbit holes for years.
When the Garrison investigation was going on, we now know that the CIA infiltrated, sabotaged and helped Clay Shaw win acquittal. We now know that Shaw was at the very least, a CIA asset. These facts are in the JFK Documents. Consider this headline news that appeared in print.
Some of these theories appear on the surface to have validity such as the Roscoe White story, the James Files story, the E Howard Hunt confession, the Chauncey Holt story, the Loy Factor story and so on. Some of them may have some validity to them, some of them might have some parts of them that have validity to them and some of these accounts or parts of these accounts are false. While some may have a grain of truth, it’s important to look at these various accounts in a suspicious fashion. It is highly important to understand that we are dealing with the masters of deceit and deception. It appears from the history of the case that anything will be done to throw people off track and off focus. Does this mean that the bullet hull found on the top of the criminal records building years after the assassination was planted? If could have been. Then again, it might not have been. The fact is, we didn’t really know one way or the other. Smoke and mirrors is the game and those involved are masters at playing the game. Be sure whatever it is you swallow isn’t just another magic trick. Remember, there are now over half a dozen confessions of the gunman on the knoll. Was one really there or was someone blowing smoke to make people think someone might have been there? Did people see an illusion and a magic trick and if so, what was it and what is the truth? What you are seeing may be an enigma wrapped in a riddle inside a puzzle thrown into a sewer picked up in a box that has thinking traps on it so you’ll go down a 100 mile deep rabbit hole that has a dead end. This history is now a fact!
Now consider this headline news from the past!
The idea that JACK RUBY was an admirer of JFK is a legend. He was a low level member of organized crime who despised Kennedy as his brother was trying to shut them all down and throw most of them in jail. So where would this newspaper get such an idea? Your educated guess is likely true!
There have been theories that William Geer the driver did it, Jackie did it, Johnny Carson did it, a midget in the truck of the car with x-ray vision and magic bullets that would leave no bullet holes did it and aliens did it. Those who want to muddy the waters of the truth love this stuff as it creates an illusion of confusion and absurdity which tends to throw all assassination conspiracy theories into one big garbage dump so people will then go back to OSWALD did it and did it alone. Some of these rumors and theories are thrown into the pit on purpose and for obvious reasons.
One of the newer narratives is to blame LBJ for everything. This appeared to have started right after Mrs. Johnson passed away. While LBJ was likely involved in the cover-up, the narrative that he was the entire mastermind behind the assassination seems to be yet another legend that throws people off focus so they do not look at other evidence. After all, LBJ and his wife are now dead so what would it hurt to now put the focus solely on him.
It is now very obvious that when you step back from the details of the actual files and the actual details on the overall evidence that LEE HARVEY OSWALD himself was a legend. By that, I mean he appeared to be one thing but was something else. He was involved with communism and Cuba on the one hand but he associated with people involved in intelligence activity and anti-communist activity. When you look at the overall facts that we now know, it shows an intelligence connection.

Top Secret U-2 Air Base Atsugi Japan
OSWALD was in the Marines and stationed at a CIA base in Atsugi, Japan as radar operator in which secret U-2 spy planes took off and landed from. This base had a large CIA operational physicality. He was suddenly involved in undercover activity involving an off base bar that was suspected of being a haven for Russian honytraps to suck information out of military people who worked at the base. Suddenly OSWALD learned fluent Russian. OSWALD was suddenly given a hardship discharge based on the legend that a box of candy had fallen on his mother’s foot and he had to go home to take care of her. After leaving the Marines, he went home for a few days and then suddenly ended up in Helsinki in an attempt to obtain a VISA and enter the Soviet Union.
Helsinki was the only place in the world one could get an entrance VISA to go the Soviet Union very quickly since the CIA had turned key Russians in this city to help them. This normally took about six weeks but OSWALD was granted a VISA in a few days. After entering the Soviet Union, he went to the American Embassy and voiced his intention to defect to the Soviet Union talking with a State Department employee that was a staff member of the CIA before and after his assignment at the Russian embassy. It is now known that the US had been sending false detectors into the Soviet Union as a part of covert intelligence operations.
OSWALD was in the Soviet Union for a few years. There are documents that indicate he was ordered to marry Marina who was a suspected honey trap of the KGB. OSWALD married Marina and then returned to the United States obtaining a loan from the State Department. He was then friended by George De Mohrenschildt who was a CIA asset who admitted that the CIA sent him to OSWALD. De Mohrenschildt helped OSWALD obtain a job at Jaggars- Chiles and Stovall. This firm was a photographic firm that had top-secret contracts with the CIA and NSA. One of the things they processed had been photographic evidence from secret U-2 flights.
OSWALD in New Orleans
SWALD suddenly moved from Fort Worth to New Orleans where he got involved with the intelligence actives of Guy Banister. He was observed passing envelops to FBI agents and observed meeting with an FBI agent in the morning on many occasions.
He then started a chapter of the Fair Play For Cuba Committee and was filmed on the street passing out Pro Castro fliers. He was arrested for getting into what appeared to be a staged scuffle with an Anti-Castro Cuban. While in jail, he contacted and requested an interview with an FBI agent.
“OSWALD” in Mexico City – “We have the audio tapes and
photos but it is not him.” J Edgar Hoover To LBJ
After his arrest, he went on a radio program and claimed to be a Marist. OSWALD then traveled to Mexico City and appeared to have attempted to obtain a VISA to go to Cuba and on to Russia. It is now apparent that he was being impersonated at these embassies. During one visit, he was supposed to have talked to a Russian KGB official who was in charge of assassinations. There had been rumors that OSWALD was given a bag of cash by a Russian that turned out to be false.
The FBI had had a watch list on OSWALD since he had returned from the Soviet Union. An FBI Watch List was a lookout list. Anything reported by any agency was supposed to have been forwarded to the FBI. After his trip to Mexico City, the watch list was canceled. OSWALD’S CIA files seemed to have been handled in a suspicious manner. The CIA had forwarded some information on OSWALD to the FBI but withheld other information on him. There had been several files and some of them appeared to have false information in them that could have been a marked card. OSWALD could have had been used in a mole hunting operation to see if anyone within the CIA would request his file. Once this marked information was released, the CIA would them monitor this to see if the false information came back to anyone in an attempt to track down an inside mole.
CIA files on OSWALD known as box 5 are now missing. There is documented evidence that this box had been present during the House Select Committee On Assassinations. However, when the Assassination Records Review Board requested all CIA files on OSWALD, box number 5 was missing. The CIA attempted to explain this away by stating that box 5 either never was or combined into box 4 or box 6. I tend to find this not very believable.
When the 2017 JFK records had been released, the mainstream media seemed to place focused attention back into documents that might indicate that either Cuba or Russia had been involved. None of these assumptions appear to be correct when they are weighed with the complete body of evidence. Even toady, when you peel back one legend in the layer, you sometimes come upon a secondary legend just under the surface that conflicts with the first. This is all a sign of manipulation of information. It is also a sign of a highly sophisticated intelligence operation from the manual on conducting deceit and deception.
Note: This is a book excerpt from 1,900 page investigation known JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy: An Investigation And Revision Of History. It is also in the smaller version investigative report known as Project Northwoods, Operation Mockingbird And The Assassination Of JFK – MLK And RFK.
You can also obtain the 1,900 plus page investigative report in smaller reports that focus on specific aspects of the JFK Assassination. Here is a break-down on these investigative reports. Just click on each title and you can then click on each cover to review the first sections of each investigative report.

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