What You Need To Know About The JFK Assassination


What The Warren Commission Concluded
The official Warren Commission report concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from the 6th floor window of the Texas School Book Depository Building. One shot missed. One shot hit Kennedy in the neck, came out his throat and then did all the damage to Governor John Connelly. Another shot hit Kennedy in the back of his head. Oswald acted alone and there was no conspiracy. Jack Ruby murdered Oswald in the basement of the Dallas police station on the Sunday following the assassination and acted alone. Ruby had no connections to organized crime.

The problem with the Warren Commission is that it was created by President Johnson to (in memos) to “appease the public” that Oswald acted alone and that there were no “confederates at large.” In later years, almost all members of the Warren Commission recanted its conclusions in remarks they had made. This is important to understand so let’s review these one by one.

What Did The Members Of The Warren Commission
And Related Officials Actually Believe?

Senator Richard Russell
Senator Richard Russell was a member of the Warren Commission. He didn’t believe the final conclusions of the Warren Commission. He wanted a dissenting report but was politically pressured to go along with the conclusions. In later years, Senator Russell became somewhat of a vocal critic of the Warren Commission. Senator Richard Russell died of complications of emphysema at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on January 21, 1971.

Congressman Thomas Hale Boggs Sr.
Congressman Hale Boggs was a member of the Warren Commission. He didn’t believe the final conclusions of the Warren Commission. He wanted a dissenting report but was politically pressured to go along with the conclusions. In the years that followed the Warren Commission, Boggs became somewhat of a vocal critic of the Warren Commission. Boggs disappeared in a plane over Alaska on October 16, 1972. The plane was never found.

Congressman Gerald Ford
Gerald Ford was a congressman and member of the Warren Commission. Ford admitted he altered the wordage of a wound in JFK from his back to his neck so it would come out its throat. Gerald Ford told then French President Valery Giscard D’Estaing in private on May 19, 1976 that the Warren Commission came to the conclusion that the assassination had been prepared, that there was a conspiracy but the commission was not able to identify who sponsored it.  D’Estaing concluded that Kennedy was assassinated by his “enemies.”  Ford went on to be appointed Vice President and then ascended to the Presidency when Nixon resigned.

Senator John Sherman Cooper
Senator John Sherman Cooper was a member of the Warren Commission. He made the statement that – Hoover lied his eyes out to the Commission on Oswald, on Ruby, on their friends, the bullets, the guns, you name it…”He did not agree with the conclusions of the Warren Commission. He called it “premature and inconclusive.” Sherman told members of the Kennedy family that he felt strongly that Lee Harvey Oswald had not acted alone.” Cooper died in Washington DC on February 21, 1991.

Chief Justice Earl Warren
Earl Warren was the chief justice of the Supreme Court and chairman of the Warren Commission. Earl Warren is quoted as saying (which now resides inside the red brick building in Dallas, now a museum): “He looked far ahead and he wanted to change a great deal. Perhaps it is this that is the key to the mystery of the death of President John F. Kennedy.” By making this inscribed statement, Earl Warren himself indicated that JFK was assassinated for reasons other than what the Warren Commission concluded. The Warren Commission hearings were held in secret. After one meeting, a reporter asked Warren what they had developed. Warren told the reporter that they would not know that in “your lifetime. “

Former CIA Director Allen Welsh Dulles (Fired by JFK)
After the Warren Commission, Dulles made the remark that JFK thought he was a God. Dulles had been fired by JFK as director of the CIA. It was LBJ who placed him on the Warren Commission. By making the statement that JFK thought he was a God, he made a statement that would tend to indicate the actual reason thought he was assassinated.


John McCloy
John McCloy was a member of the Warren Commission. He told Walter Cronkite in a recording interview that aired on TV that the commission rushed to print with the Warren Commission. Many wonder what he had been getting it with that statement. The problem is, the Warren Commission released a summary finding which was about 800 pages long and then released a 24-volume set that was supposed to back up those findings. Dulles made the remark when the 24 volumes of evidence had been released that no one reads. The problem became, some did read all 24 volumes and found that the evidence volumes conflicted with its findings. McCloy also stated that if he had it to do over again, he would insist that the ex-rays and autopsy photographs be produced. The Warren Commission had only seen drawings on what this evidence revealed. It’s now known that what these drawings depicted is in conflict with what some of the other evidence reveals when it comes to the location of the President’s wounds. We now know that many of the autopsy photographs are missing, several of them are fake or altered and that the Ex-rays that now reside in the National Archives have been deemed fakes.

Bobby Kennedy
Before the sun set on the day that his brother was assassinated, Bobby Kennedy was on the telephone with an Anti-Castro Cuban group in Florida telling them that one of their people assassinated his brother. On the same day of the JFK Assassination, Haynes Johnson overheard RFK on the phone talking to Cuban exile Harry Ruiz Williams in the Miami area. RFK started that, One of your people did it!”

Bobby Kennedy’s son Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has confirmed that his father believed that JFK was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy but publicly went along with the Warren Commission.

Bobby Kennedy made the following statement concerning his brother’s assassination: “I thought they would get one of use but I thought it would be me!” Bobby Kennedy’s statement that he thought it would be him came true on June 6, 1968 when he was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy after winning the California Democratic primary for President.

Lyndon Johnson
LBJ told Senator Richard Russell on a telephone conversation that he did not believe that the assassination happened the way the Warren Commission had concluded it. In an interview just a few weeks before his death, he told Walter Cronkite that he was not convinced that Oswald had acted alone. These portions of the interview had been redacted before airing at the request of the White House on grounds of national security.

Martin Luther King Jr.
On the day of the JFK Assassination, Martin Luther King Jr. was setting in his living room watching TV with his wife when he learned JFK had been assassinated. He turned to his wife and stated, “the same thing is going to happen to me.” The statement that the same thing would happen to him came true on April 4, 1968. The House Select Committee On Assassinations concluded that King was likely assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.

In a1999 civil suit, King Vs. Jowers, the King estate including Coretta Scott King claimed that Loyd Jowers had taken part in a conspiracy. Jowers owned a cafe below the rooming house James Earl Ray was renting. The jury found Jowers and ”unknown conspirators” liable in a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by Dr. King’s family.

Former President Harry S. Truman
Right after the JFK Assassination, former President Harry S. Truman wrote an article that appeared in some newspapers about the CIA that stated:

 “For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment,” Truman wrote. “It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas.”

 “This quiet intelligence arm of the President has been so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue — and subject for cold war enemy propaganda.”

 Former President Dwight D Eisenhower
In his final farewell address to the American Public as President, President Dwight D Eisenhower stated, “ Beware of the military Industrial Complex!”

What Did The House Select Committee On Assassinations Conclude?
While the press seems to always quote the Warren Commission findings, the US House Of Representatives conducted a two year investigation on the assassination of both President Kennedy And Martin Luther King Jr. by setting up a committee named The House Select Committee On Assassinations. The House Select Committee On Assassinations conducted it’s investigation from 1976 to 1978. The committee also wanted to investigate the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy and go further into the investigation of John Kennedy but funding was cut off and the committee was terminated. The HSCA concluded that:

“On the basis of the evidence available to it, President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.”

 “On the basis of the evidence available to Martin Luther King Jr. was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.”

What did the Assassination Records Review Board Uncover?
After the release of the Oliver Stone Movie JFK- congress passed the 1992 John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act. This law set up a system in which remaining classified documents relating to the Kennedy Assassination be reviewed and released. The ARRB was set up to review and release those records and documents. The final report was issued September 30th, 1998. Although the board reached no conclusions on the JFK Assassination, thousands of classified records were released and many startling discoveries were made.

Although the press in general basically reported that no smoking guns had been found in the review of the records released by the board, many researchers dug into the released records. This took many years. Based on what was uncovered, researchers found the following information that can be considered smoking guns.

1) FBI Top Secret Memo Dated Dec 1, 1966 concerning An Extensive Soviet Investigation That Indicated Lyndon Johnson was Responsible For Kennedy Assassination.

2) U.S. Secret Service Inspector General Thomas J. Kelly Memo Objecting To A Federal Law On The Murder Of The President Because He Felt A Federal Investigative Agency Could Cover-Up What Really Happened.

3) Army Intelligence Report On Clemard Joseph Charles Stating Vice President Lyndon Johnson Was Having Meetings With George De Mohrenschildt In 1963.

4) The AARB Uncovered And Made Public An Action Report From USMC Sergeant Roger Boyajian That JFK’s Body Arrived At Bethesda Naval Hospital 20 Minutes Before The Motorcade Carrying The Official Coffin Arrived.

5) Substantial Evidence Concerning The Autopsy Is Missing And Substantial Evidence Is Forged Or Altered.

6) The Secret Service Destroyed Travel Records After Being Informed That They Needed To Be Turned Over To The AARB And To Not Turn Them Over Would Be Illegal.

7) The AARB Proved Beyond A Reasonable Doubt That The President’s Body Was Altered Before The Official Autopsy.

8) The AARB Proved Beyond A Reasonable Doubt That The Zupruder Film Was Altered.

Other Aborted Assassination Attempts Just Before Dallas
Other attempted assassinations of JFK that were not successful would tend to indicate that the assassination in Dallas was not isolated incident. In the years after the assassination, there were three known attempted assassinations of JFK that we now know about that had been covered up and kept secret by the federal government for many decades. These aborted attempts took place in Miami, Chicago and Tampa. The unanswered questions that remains is if there were three other aborted attempts to assassinate Kennedy that involved a conspiracy right before Dallas, how is it that we are supposed to believe the lone nut narrative about Dallas? Below is a brief summary of the aborted and uncovered assassination attempts in Chicago, Miami and Tampa.   More details about these attempts are covered in the research and investigation project known as JFK, Beyond A Question of Conspiracy.

November 2, 1963 Aborted Chicago Assassination Attempt
On November 2nd, 1963, President Kennedy was supposed to ride in his open-top Presidential limousine from the O’Hare International Airport in a motorcade on his way to watch a ball game at Solider Field Stadium in downtown Chicago.

Two days before the trip, a landlady contacted the local police to state that in one of the rooming houses she was in charge of near Clark And Vision Streets, she had rented a room to four dark complicated Cuban looking men.

Upon entering the room, she observed four rifles with telescopic sights with a map of the Presidential motorcade route. The Chicago Secret Service promptly started a 24 hour surveillance on these four men. Agent J. Lloyd Stocks blew his surveillance cover behind the rooming house while following two of these men and was forced to take the two of into custody.

Another man, known as THOMAS ARTHUR VALLEE, was placed under 24 hour surveillance by two Chicago police officers after an unknown source accused the suspect of a threat to assassinate the President. The Chicago officer’s names were Daniel Groth and Peter Schurla. THOMAS ARTHUR VALLEE was an Ex-Marine who had been stationed at a U-2 Base in Japan.This is the same base OSWALD was stationed at. He had been working with Anti-Castro guerrillas at a training camp in Long Island New York. VALLEE had obtained a job at a printing company known as IPP-Litho Plate. VALLEE worked in a warehouse on the third floor that was in a building overlooking the route of the Presidential Motorcade in downtown Chicago. The building was located at 625 West Jackson Boulevard on a corner right were the motorcade would have had to slow down to make a turn.

This scenario should sound familiar to what happened in Dallas. OSWALD had been an ex-Marine, stationed at the U-2 base, worked with Anti-Castro guerrillas, and obtained a job in a tall building overlooking the Dallas assassination site right where the motorcade had to slow down to make a turn.   VALLEE was an outspoken critic of Kennedy. He had requested the day off from work on the date of the President’s visit to Chicago. VALLEE was arrested on Saturday morning. He was in possession of an M-1 Rifle, 3,000 rounds of ammunition and a handgun which was in his truck. The route he was taking indicated that he was on his way downtown to the building he worked in.

The trip to Chicago was canceled at the last minute.

November 9, 1963 – A Miami Assassination Plot Uncovered
On November 9th, 1963 a police informant for the Miami police by the name of William Somerset tape recorded a right wing militant and racist by the name of Joseph Adams Milteer who stated that President Kennedy was going to be assassinated by a high powered rifle fired from a tall building and that very quickly, somebody will be picked up to throw the public off.

Milteer stated in the tape: “They will pick somebody up within hours afterwards, if anything like that would happen, just to throw the public off.”

You can listen to the actual and complete tape off of:


November 19, 1963 Aborted Assassination Attempt In Tampa
Aside from the revelations about a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy in Chicago and Miami, there had also been plans for one in Tampa that was uncovered just four days before Dallas. From a newspaper article that was published after the Dallas assassination, we know that both the Tampa police and the Secret Service were investigating a plot to murder the President on a trip that involved a motorcade that started and ended at MacDill Air Force Base.

Briefly detained was a man named Gilberto Policarpo Lopez. LOPEZ had a background of distributing Pro Castro materials and had links to the Fair Play For Cuba Committee just as OSWALD had in New Orleans. LOPEZ was also a former defector to Russia just as OSWALD was. LOPEZ also got into a fight over his Pro-Castro Sympathies, just as OSWALD had done in New Orleans. LOPEZ appeared to have had done all the same things OSWALD had done. LOPEZ was secretly investigated by the FBI.

Gilberto Policarpo Lopez was briefly arrested in Tampa Florida for suspicion of an attempted assassination of President Kennedy.


Why Did Jack Ruby Murder Lee Harvey Oswald And Was He A Member Of Organized Crime? Did Jack Ruby And Lee Oswald Know Each Other?

The Warren Commission concluded that Jack Ruby acted alone and murdered Oswald in a fit of passion so Jackie Kennedy would not have to come to Dallas to testify.

Jack Ruby passed a note to one of his attorneys that stated that he had murdered Oswald to silence him. In a rare video recorded interview with the press during his trail, Ruby stated: “The world will never know the true facts of what occurred, my motives, the people had, that had so much to gain, and had such an ulterior motive for putting me in the position I’m in, will never let the true facts come above board to the world.”

Carlos Marcello was the mob boss of an area that went from Louisiana to Texas and included Dallas. He was covertly tape recorded in an undercover operation that he actually owned the strip joint that Jack Ruby operated in Dallas. He stated that Ruby was a front man and obtained ten percent of the take. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stated on a tape recorded television program that his father (Robert F. Kennedy) had obtained the long distance telephone records of Jack Ruby after the assassination and that these telephone calls all went to people he had under investigation for organized crime. Dozens of assassination researchers have uncovered a massive amount of evidence that Ruby was involved in drug distribution, prostitution, gunrunning and gambling operations in Dallas.

There are no less than two dozen witnesses who can place Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby together. Many of these witnesses state that no only did the two know each other, they both knew each other very well.

The weight of the evidence suggests that Jack Ruby was a member of organized crime, that he murdered Oswald to silence him and that both parties knew each other very well.

Was Oswald A Member Of US Intelligence?
The weight of the evidence would indicate that he was. In JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy, this research and investigation points out the following witnesses who have stated that during the period of time Oswald was in the Marines and stationed at Atsugi, Japan, five witnessed confirm he was recruited into US Naval Intelligence. These include:

  • James Botelho – Fellow Marine
  • Richard Bullock – Fellow Marine
  • Gerry Patrick Hemming – Fellow Marine
  • Carl Jenkins – CIA Agent , Atsugi, Japan
  • Richard Nagell – Military intelligence office

False Defector Program To The Soviet Union
Oswald was suddenly discharged from the Marines in record time and ended up in the Soviet Union as a defector in record time traveling with funds he did not have. Many researchers have concluded that Oswald was in a false defector program, which involved the defection of several former military men, sent to the Soviet Union by U.S. Intelligence. One of these defectors, Gilberto Policarpo Lopez was also briefly retained by law enforcement as a suspect in an aborted attempt to assassinate Kennedy. Another defector by the name of Robert Edward Webster is thought to have been in contact and dated the Russian girl that Oswald ended up marrying by he name of Marina Nikolayevna who was raised by a high ranking Soviet intelligence officer.

 Marrying Marina Nikolayevna Who Dated Another US Detector Who Was Raised
By A High Ranking Member of Soviet Intelligence And Return To The United States
While in the Soviet Union, Oswald married Marina Nikolayevna. Marina Nikolayeva was living with an uncle who was a high-ranking officer in Soviet Union Intelligence. What is strange about Marina Nikolayevna is that she had also dated another man by the name of Robert Edward Webster who was an American who defected to the Soviet Union.   In record time, Oswald and his new wife were given permission to leave the Soviet Union and return to the United States. Oswald was even loaned money from the State Department to return to the United States.

Association With George de Mohrenschildt
Upon his return to the United States, he settled in Dallas. He was friended by a mysterious person by the name of George de Mohrenschildt. De Mohrenschildt had a lot of intelligence connections. Most researchers now believe that De Mohrenschildt was a CIA asset sent to babysit and monitor the activities of Oswald. Before his death, De Mohrenschildt stated that he was sent to contact OSWALD by the CIA by their Dallas office. On March 29, 1977 De Mohrenschildt was found dead in Miami the day he obtained word that he was wanted to give testimony before the House Select Committee On Assassinations.  Although his death was ruled a suicide, there is convincing evidence developed over the years by researchers that he was murdered.

In later years, George de Mohrenschildt knew George Bush Sr. and had written him a letter while Bush was director of the CIA. Before the assassination, the Assassination Records Review Board uncovered the fact that Mohrenschildt had been in contact with then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Oswald Connections to US Intelligence in New Orleans
Guy Banister was a former head of the Federal Bureau Of Investigations in Chicago. He ended up in New Orleans and ran a private detective agency, which was a front organization for U.S. Intelligence Operations. Oswald became part of Guy Banister operations with a man by the name of David Ferrie. There are no less that a dozen collaborations of Oswald being seen with and having a connection with both David Ferrie And Guy Banister.

David Ferrie was also associated with Carlos Marcello as both a pilot and private investigator. It’s well documented that Ferrie was with Carlos Marcello on the day of the Kennedy Assassination as Marcello was in federal court. Ferrie was arrested and then let go by the FBI. The New Orleans DA Jim Garrison had Ferrie targeted and in his investigation into the Kennedy Assassination. Ferrie suddenly died in his apartment after telling Garrison he was “a dead man” after his connection to the Garrison investigation became public. Although his death was ruled a suicide, this is convincing evidence developed over the years by researchers that he was murdered. Guy Banister died right before federal inquiries started in New Orleans. Many researchers believe that Banister was likely murdered.

Judth Vary Baker claims to have been a secret mistress of Lee Harvey Oswald during a time period that she was in New Orleans. Baker claims that both her and Oswald obtained cover jobs at Reily Coffee Company. Oswald would check in but he did not really work there. He was working with Guy Banister and David Ferrie on covert intelligence programs. Baker also claims that she was involved in a secret program with David Ferrie in which they had been conducting research to develop a cancer bio weapon to kill Fidel Castro. You can read about Judth Vary Baker’s story in her book Me And Lee which can be found of of amazon.com.

Evidence Of Other Connections Between Oswald And US Intelligence
There are many other tidbits of information that has flowed out about Oswald’s connections to US Intelligence over the decades. Here are a few of them. There was an observation between Maurice Bishop and Lee Harvey Oswald in the weeks before the Kennedy Assassination by Antonio Veciana in front of a bank building in downtown Dallas. Antonio Veciana was an Anti-Castro Cuban working for the CIA. As it turns out, Maurice Bishop was actually David Atlee Phillips who was station chief of Cuban Operations for the CIA in Mexico City. Lee Harvey Oswald rented room a rooming house at 1026 N. Beckley in the Oakcliff section of Dallas Texas during the time of the assassination. It turns out that this rooming house had another apartment type house behind it which was a safe house for Cuban refuges that was likely being paid for by the CIA. At an earlier time, Lee Harvey Oswald lived with Marina at an address of 214 West Neely Street in Dallas, Texas. This address had a house on a road behind it that was also a safe house for Cuban refuges that was likely being paid for by the CIA.

In the early days after the assassination, the CIA stated they had no interest in Lee Harvey Oswald and had no files on him. As it turns out and as we now know, the CIA had massive files on Lee Harvey Oswald which can now be viewed at the Mary Ferrell Foundation. In fact, the CIA had a 201 file on Oswald. Victor Marchetti was a former assistant to the deputy director of the CIA and he has stated that if someone has a 201 file within the CIA, that means that they worked for them.
What is the Major Evidence That Researchers Have Developed Concerning The Assassination?

Over the decades, there has been over 1000 books written about the Kennedy Assassination. In JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy, the following is a summary of some of the evidence uncovered by various researchers.

  • There were at least three other plots to assassinate President Kennedy in the weeks before the actual assassination in Dallas that were aborted. All three of them involved a fall guy or patsy. They were in Chicago, Tampa And Dallas.
  • Over 50 witnesses thought at least some shots came from places other that the School Book Depository Building.
  • The Timing of the sounds of the shots by most witnesses was one shot, a pause and then two shots right on top of each other. The second two shots could of not been fired from a bolt action rifle in the sixth floor window.
  • More than ten witnesses saw TWO people in the upper floors of the School Book Depository Building with a rifle. None matched a description of OSWALD.
  • Witnesses saw OSWALD minutes before and minutes after on the second and first floor of the School Book Depository Bulding.
  • The Mannlicher Carcano Italian rifle in the National Archives today is not the same Mannlicher Carcano rifle found on the sixth floor.
  • The Mannlicher Carcano rifle was supposed to have been ordered from a mail-order company in Chicago called Kline’s Sporting Goods but the rifle they offered was not the same length or model of the Mannlicher Carcano rifle that now resides in the National Archives.
  • The money order for the Mannlicher Carcano rifle was never deposited.
  • There is evidence that more than one rifle was found in the building.
  • When first found, the rifle was defined as another brand and caliber than what now resides in the National Archives. It was described by several police officers and reported to the news media as a 7.65 German Mauser. “7.65 German Mauser” was stamped on the rifle. The rifle that now resides in the National Archives is an Italian 6.5 Mannlicher Carcano.
  • The riflescope was aliened for a left-handed person. OSWALD was right handed.
  • The rifle sight had been misaligned all together and metal scams had to be placed under the scope for it to even be test fired.
  • The rifle used was readily available for a cheaper price without shipping costs in the local gun market without any record of a purchase but we are supposed to believe that OSWALD paid more for the rifle so it could be mailed to him, which created a paper trail to incriminate himself.
  • The FBI went to the Miller Funeral Home November 25, 1963 and placed OSWALDS fingerprints on the rifle by placing the hand of his dead body on the rifle. After this was done, it was announced to the press that OSWALD’S fingerprints were found on the rifle.
  • Prior to the planted fingerprint as set forth above, no fingerprints of OSWALD was found on the rifle.
  • Police reports show only two bullet hulls had been recovered. A third hull was added to the inventory. The excuse given was a police officer carried it around in his pocket and “forgot” about it.
  • The third bullet hull that was entered into evidence did not have a bend on it. This was unique to the rifle when shells were fired and ejected. This means that the third hull not in the first inventory could not have been fired from the rifle.
  • The fact that OSWALD stated he was standing outside when the motorcade went passed the School Book Depository Building was suppressed for many years.
  • Photographic evidence of OSWALD standing in the doorway of the School Book Depository Building was altered to make it look like Billy Lovelady. Billy Lovelady indicated that the question of the man in the doorway was not him but that evidence was When this fact started to get uncovered, Billy Lovelady suddenly died of “complications from a heart attack” along with the sudden strange death of over 80 other witnesses and researchers.
  • A Paraffin test conducted by the Dallas Police reveals that OSWALD did not fire a rifle on November 22, 1963.
  • Evidence shows that a neutron spectrum analysis test was conducted from recovered bullet fragments that match the chain of evidence by Dr. Vincent Gynn. However, Dr. Vincent Gynn claimed he never did any such neutron spectrum analysis on all of these bullet fragments.
  • Two wallets with ID cards in them with photos for Alex Hidell and Lee Harvey Oswald were recovered. One was allegedly found at the Tippet murder scene. The other was in OSWALD’S pocket when arrested. The wallet recovered at the murder scene then quickly disappeared.
  • Two OSWALDS had been arrested at the Texas Movie Theater, which was suppressed for many years. The second arrest was an OSWALD look-a-like.
  • Five witnesses stated that they observed a second OSWALD who was a look-a-like impostor on the day of the assassination. These included at a coffee shop, at a convenience Store, at a record store, in the movie theater and on a plane leaving Dallas. During all five of these sightings, the real OSWALD was some place else.
  • Over 40 witnesses saw the President’s right lower back head wound. None of these witnesses saw any damage to the top of or the right of the President’s head as shown in autopsy photographs They all described the back head wound as an exit wound. This is inconsistent with shots fired from behind.
  • At least four people had taken either film or still photographs relevant to the assassination that had been confiscated and then disappeared.
  • Eyewitness accounts place OSWALD in the Texas Movie Theater before the time that officer Tippet was murdered.
  • Several witnesses saw more than one person fleeing the Tippet murder scene neither of which was a description Of OSWALD.
  • Bullet hulls were found at the Tippit murder scene that had automatic pistol ejector markings on them. Oswald had a revolver.
  • The revolver OSWALD had on him in the movie theater had a bent firing pen and would not fire a bullet.
  • OSWALD was recruited by Navel Intelligence and the CIA when stationed overseas as a Marine. There are more than five witnesses who have stated this.
  • While stationed in Japan, OSWALD was performing covert counter intelligence operations at a club known as the Queen Bee which had a number of female Soviet Spies placed in it.
  • During this time period, OSWALD contacted gonorrhea and was treated for it. His military medical records state that he obtained it in the performance of his duty.
  • OSWALD was sent to the Soviet Union in a false defector intelligence program, married a Russian and then returned to the United States.
  • OSWALD was working in covert counter intelligence operations in New Orleans posing as a Pro-Castro Sympathizer and was creating a cover story and legend.
  • OSWALD was associated with and working with Anti-Castro Cubans in both New Orleans and Dallas.
  • OSWALD was a paid informant of the FBI and was receiving $200.00 a month.
  • Every Doctor and nurse who worked on President Kennedy for forty minutes before he died, stated that he had a large exit wound in the back of his head and a small entrance wound in the front of his neck just above his tie. This is completely inconsistent with shots being fired from the rear.
  • The body of President Kennedy was hijacked at gunpoint from Dallas to avoid a state run autopsy. It was whisked away at gunpoint in an expensive bronze ceremonial casket.
  • The body arrived covertly in a cheap gray shipping casket at Bethesda Naval Hospital 20 minutes before the official expensive bronze ceremonial casket arrived.
  • The AARB documented that there were three entrances to the morgue of a coffin that was supposed to contain the President’s body for the autopsy.
  • The official honor guard company lost the ambulance that was carrying the bronze coffin President Kennedy had been placed in for 20 minutes after it took off as they approached it on the grounds of Bethesda Naval Hospital to escort and offload it for autopsy.
  • Evidence indicates that there was a “National Security” autopsy to change the wounds to Kennedy’s head to make it look like bullets had been fired from behind and not from the front before the official autopsy.
  • The Presidential vehicle as a crime scene was destroyed.
  • Governor John Connelly’s clothing was dry cleaned which destroyed the clothing as evidence.
  • The Zupruder Film was altered by placing blobs over the President’s wounds, painting in top-of-head and right head side wounds. Frames were removed and the complete film retimed. The current Z film is a composite in which the front or the movie was overlayed onto another retimed background causing obvious problems with the people in the background.
  • The fingerprints of Malcolm Wallace, a known hit man and associate of Lyndon Johnson, was identified decades after the assassination from a fingerprint lifted from a box near the corner window on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository Building.
  • The Soviet Union conducted it’s own investigation into the assassination and concluded that Lyndon Johnson was responsible.
  • In private, all members of the Warren Commission disowned its findings. Two did so in public then suddenly died.
  • In private, the Kennedy family did not believe the Warren Report.
  • In private and in secret, the Kennedy family sent a spokesperson to the Soviet Union to inform them that the United States did not blame either Russia or Cuba for the President’s assassination. They also informed them they believed it was conducted by an internal group within the United States.
  • The FBI illegally took control of all evidence related to the assassination even though it had no jurisdiction.
  • There are 21 documented people who had foreknowledge to the assassination.
  • There are 81 strange and sudden deaths of witnesses, researchers and/or people who played some part in the assassination that were either talking or getting ready to testify about the assassination.
  • The Assassination Records Review Board determined that there are 18 sets of autopsy photographs that are missing.
  • The Assassination Records Review Board determined that the President’s brain is missing.
  • The Assassination Records Review Board determined that at least two skull X-rays are missing.
  • The Assassination Records Review Board determined that three skull fragments are missing.
  • The Assassination Records Review Board determined bullet fragments taken from President Kennedy’s head are missing.
  • The original draft and notes or the autopsy was burnt.
  • The Assassination Records Review Board determined that the first signed draft of the autopsy is missing.
  • Most researchers now agree that the famous Backyard Photographs are fake.
  • Gordon Arnold’s Film was taken from him and is missing.
  • Beverly Oliver’s film was given to the FBI and is missing.
  • Over a dozen witnesses have stated that their account given before the Warren Commission was altered.

Are There Any Admissions And Confessions?
There are many admissions and confessions concerning the Kennedy Assassination. In JFK Beyond A Question Of Consipracy, this research and investigation points out the following which is backed up with evidence:

  • James E. Files confessed to being one of the shooters behind the picket fence. However, some researchers do not think that his account it credible.
  • Mob Boss Carlos Marcello admitted he was part of the planning of the assassination.
  • Mob Boss Santos Trafficante admitted privately to his attorney that he was part of the planning of the assassination.
  • CIA agent E. Howard Hunt gave a confession before he died that he was in Dallas and involved in the assassination.
  • CIA Agent Frank Strugis admitted he took part in the assassination to Martia Lorenz
  • CIA Agent David Morales admitted he took part in the assassination in private.



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